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June 27, 2024

drupa Favorite: Geo-Personalized Direct Mail

drupa Favorite: Geo-Personalized Direct Mail
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Personalized direct mail is a powerful tool and an ongoing favorite for good reason!

Thomas Schnettler
Thomas Schnettler
drupa Favorite: Geo-Personalized Direct Mail

After an outstanding drupa 2024, we are reflecting on countless inspiring conversations at our booth. Many of you visited us in person and shared your projects. One thing has become very clear day after day: Direct mail is still a favorite. We were asked for samples and ideas over and over again. And that is no wonder, as printed mail is highly efficient and guaranteed to attract attention.

This campaign by “Texas Health Resources” uses engaging personalization elements to guide new movers to their nearest healthcare services. Healthcare marketing relies on building trust and clear, relevant messages: Besides general information, each recipient receives a map of their neighborhood. They instantly recognize their own home location and feel directly addressed, creating a strong connection. This provides relevant information for each recipient, which is especially appreciated by new movers.

Find more details on this mailer on our website.

What else makes direct mail an ongoing favorite? Our free eBook “Print Touches: The Power of Direct Mail”shares more information on why it is so successful, and why you should consider it for your next campaign.

Meet us at PRINTING United in Las Vegas - September 10-12 · Booth SL6148

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