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January 4, 2024

Geo-Personalize your Direct Mail - The locr GEOpack

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Valuable GEO-Marketing for your Customers Success!

Thomas Schnettler
Thomas Schnettler

During the previous years, many marketers rediscovered direct mail as a powerful tool. 

Home office, digitalization, online shopping: while many consumers had to spend more time online since the previous years, printed mail provides a break from the screen and an interesting haptic experience. This is proven to promote engagement and boost response rates. Today’s direct mail can easily be personalized and provide valuable information for the recipient.

Many of our customers have had great success with geo-personalized direct mail. Location data allows you to send the most relevant message to the right recipient. You can easily show them the way to your business, and at the same time encourage them to visit you and respond to your offer. This works for retail stores, restaurants, healthcare providers, event agencies and many more industries.

During this revival of direct mail, we put together a free step by step guide on the subject: the locr GEOpack. This ebook offers tips and advice on how to plan and implement personalized direct mail campaigns, that are guaranteed not to be overlooked!

Find the free download for the ebook "The locr GEOpack" on our profile!

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