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Thomas Schnettler and His Team are Eager to Help

Posted Jul 03, 2024 | Views 144
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locr's Head of Business Development and Marketing loves helping Dscoopers understand the value of leveraging location data for marketing success.

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Thomas Schnettler, locr's Head of Business Development and Marketing, has been with the company since it was founded more than 15 years ago. He frequently represents locr at partner and customer events all over the world, and is a great example of a passionate consultant. He's always eager to help Dscoopers understand the value of leveraging location data to enhance their marketing success. Thomas and his marketing team have published more than 10 pieces of helpful content on geo-marketing and mapping solutions on the Dscoop community platform.

The importance of locr's geo-marketing services lies in their ability to engage customers on a personal level. For instance, a retailer can use locr’s personalized maps to highlight their store’s location alongside a discount voucher, driving customer visits and boosting sales. Also, locr's services help businesses make informed decisions by analyzing location data, allowing for strategic planning of new locations and targeted marketing campaigns based on travel time and distance.

During Edge Indy, Thomas talked to attendees about how personalized maps can be highly tailored to each recipient in a visually appealing way, and chatted with Deborah Corn about the company and the Dscoop community.

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