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Churches Give High Praise to Jerry Messner and His Team

Posted Feb 28, 2024 | Views 400
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The team at LPi believes that vibrant churches matter — that they're life-changing places deserving of highly impressive and integrated communication services. They're on a mission to help these clients connect with their congregations.

To say LPi produces and delivers print and digital church bulletins is an understatement. LPi currently works with more than 4,000 Catholic parishes, printing an eye-opening 1.3 billion total pages annually, primarily in full color. The company is one of HP's largest ink users globally, and exemplifies the power of HP PageWide technology.

As Vice President of Operations Jerry Messner talks about in this episode of "Unvarnished," perhaps even more impressive than LPi's volume is its precision. The company's core business revolves around printing within an hour in most instances, with all equipment and software in multiple locations geared for this purpose. He explains LPi's process from file submission to printing within minutes, without the need for manual intervention. He also explains LPi's full-service approach to church communication, including art and content, website design, online directories, and logo/branding services, plus advertising solutions for businesses wanting to target church-goers.

Jerry is friendly and thoughtful, and his passion for his work and team shine through in this conversation.

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