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Stuart Kellock and His Team Already Love Their Next Project

Posted Jan 18, 2024 | Views 329
# Unvarnished
# Leadership

In any profession, it would be totally forgivable for someone with nearly 20 years of experience to start putting things on coast — to rest on laurels and to lean on familiar answers when clients come calling.

The exact opposite of that defines Stuart Kellock, who has spent nearly two decades challenging the status quo, discovering new opportunities, and creating value for clients and partners in the self-adhesive label printing industry. Stuart is more than just managing director of Label Apeel, a UK-based company that supplies extremely impressive and brand-boosting labels to the beer, wine-and-spirits, food and retail markets. He's also the managing director of "let's do things differently" — of treating preconceived notions as the opposite of innovation.

In this episode of "Unvarnished," Stuart talks about what it takes to create high-impact labels, how his team pounces on the chance to make a difference to customers, the increasing importance of labels and packaging to brand development, and more.

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