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Esteban Polakoff: Awe-Inspiring in Argentina

Posted Apr 30, 2024 | Views 305
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Bolsafilm's Esteban Polakoff talks about his passion for print and the success of his flexible packaging company in Argentina.

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Note: For the unedited English translation of this interview, click the CC icon in the player.

Buenos Aires, Argentina-based Bolsafilm was founded in 1961 by Esteban Polakoff's uncle and father, and while Esteban was growing up, he loved accompanying his father to the facility after school. "For me, it was like going to Disney," says Esteban, now the company's President. "I marveled at the machines, at the processes."

Today, brands in Argentina marvel at the quality and consistency of Bolsafilm's work. The company has advanced to become one of the country's leading flexible packaging providers, with personalized solutions that are innovative, functional and attractive.

In this sit-down interview during Edge Indy, Esteban talks to Dscoop's Juliana Pivoto about his continued passion for the print industry, Bolsafilm's adoption of digital technology for flexible packaging, two important moments that have exemplified the company's culture and more.

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