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3 Impressive Gen Z Leaders in India

Posted May 14, 2024 | Views 586
# Digital Printing
# Edge Conference
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# Team/Culture

Prepare to be impressed with the thoughts, expectations and aspirations of Rishab Mittal, Abhay Sood and Lokanadhaya Saikumar.

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Rishab Mittal, Abhay Sood and Lokanadhaya Saikumar are three young, budding entrepreneurs getting ready to take over their family businesses in a few years. They are using this time to learn, connect and network with others in the Dscoop community, and the fresh perspective is already helping them prepare for future leadership positions.

What do these impressive Gen Z stars think about the print industry at large, business trends in India and the value of Dscoop? Watch this interview with Dscoop's Rashmi Sharma, and learn more about Rishab here.

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