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3 Leaders Discuss Print Trends in Southeast Asia

Posted May 29, 2024 | Views 264
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Rieckermann's Guntur Tjandra, Hai Le Hoang and Tim Groth chat about the region's growth opportunities and challenges.

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How is the current print market in Southeast Asia, and what are print companies in the region doing to capitalize on trends and confront challenges?

Hear insightful answers from this sit-down conversation with three leaders at industrial equipment supplier Rieckermann: Guntur Tjandra, Director of Rieckermann Indonesia; Hai Le Hoang, Sales Team Manager of Rieckermann Vietnam; and Tim Groth, Director of Rieckermann Malaysia. They talk to each other about emerging trends and innovations in the Southeast Asia market.

Rieckermann, which operates offices in 17 countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, has experienced significant digital print growth in labels, packaging and commercial printing. The company delivers high-quality, tailor-made solutions in engineering operations, process technologies, and technical services.

Guntur, Hai Le and Tim also talk about their impressions of Edge Indy as first-time attendees.

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Posted May 14, 2024 | Views 698
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