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Duplo Brings Latest in Finishing Automation

Posted Dec 06, 2023 | Views 674
# Edge Conference
# Finishing

Hear what's new with the innovative print finishing solutions provider.

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Duplo USA Corporation is a leading provider of innovative print finishing solutions for the graphic arts industry. The company's highly efficient, modular products streamline post-press production for digital color and offset applications and perform with impressive precision.

To keep print thriving in the digital age, Duplo remains committed to further developing embellishment and packaging solutions that add value. At Edge St. Louis, the company showcased live demonstrations of the DC-746 B2 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser, designed for finishing oversized applications, and the DSM-1000 B2 Platen Die Cutter, ideal for producing packaging on demand.

During the event, we caught up with Alan McLean, Regional Sales Director at Duplo. He chats about how the company helps printers grow.

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