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We specialize in Imposition, Nesting and Finishing Automation

Posted Nov 10, 2023 | Views 70
# Imposition

Our CEO Julie Watson explains what our company does to make life of printers easier and how we help to make printing companies more profitable. Reach new levels of efficiency with imposition, nesting and finishing automation and intelligence. At Ultimate, our goal is to increase your productivity and profitability by offering innovative software solutions. With nearly 35 years of industry expertise, we are the ultimate partner for you.

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Hi, I am Julie Watson, CEO of Ultimate TechnoGraphics.

We specialize in Imposition, Nesting and Finishing Automation.

So, we've been introducing a lot of new innovation this year. We've had two major releases of Ultimate Impostrip and this latest one includes a whole new cutting edge true shape nesting which we are showcasing here at PRINTING United in collaboration with a Kongsberg Precision Cutting table. As well, we have a lot of new functionality in this solution.

We are also showcasing Ultimate Bindery which is the link between prepress and finishing. You can then carry the automation from past the press into finsihing with our solutions.

We are also showing Ultimate BestCut, a brand new solution in collaboration with Best Graphics and the Itotec guillotine cutter. It is essentialy a helper, a cut buddy we call it. It is essentially allowing the operation to see on the screen the most optimal cut sequence and the steps to follow. It has JDF connectivity in order to have a complete end-to-end automated workflow.

Of course there is information on our website and you can follow us on social media.

Our website is: www.imposition.com

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