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October 18, 2023

Innovation Met Community at 'Unlocking AI's Marketing Magic' Event

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More than 50 Dscoop members converge on Sheffield to see the future of marketing

"It has never been more important to spend time on the business, not in the business, to just learn what can be done differently," said Jon Tolley of Precision Proco in the days leading up to Dscoop's UK Summit held Oct. 5-6 in Sheffield, UK. "It doesn't hurt to stop and see what else is out there, and what others are doing."

That's exactly what more than 50 Dscoopers accomplished at the AI-focused event, called "Unlocking AI's Marketing Magic." They returned to the office knowing how to use AI tools to target customers more effectively, increase their efficiency and deliver more personalized solutions.

It was a "confluence of marketing minds," said Eugenia Cifuentes, Dscoop's Community Success Manager, EMEA. "This event set a new benchmark in our community's ongoing journey to master the ever-changing landscape of AI and digital marketing."

The event kicked off with a networking session where attendees interacted freely, sharing experiences, aspirations and a few laughs.

The keynote speakers served as the event's backbone. Daniel Jenkins, Head of Client Services at marketing agency Wagada Digital, brought case studies of AI in action, and shared ways your business can build more traffic and convert more leads. AI expert and machine-learning pioneer Dr. Mozhgan Tavakolifard emphasized that you don't have to be a tech guru to start learning and using AI to make your work simpler, faster and more impressive.

Attendees literally put her words to the test while playing around with different AI tools for marketing. Those tools were the focus of the event's hands-on Learning Hub.

Day two featured a site visit to Precision Proco Group, whose team talked to attendees about some of the company's key processes, technologies and goals. A special thanks to Dscooper Helen Smith, who orchestrated the visit with seamless efficiency and a personal touch!

"We're already excited for what the next event will bring," Eugenia says. "Stay tuned!"


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