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May 22, 2024

State of AI - Report prepared by Printbox

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Printbox presents Ink-credible AI: Exploring AI's Role in Personalized Printing Industry.

Introducing the "Ink-credible AI" Report 

On the first day of Drupa, we will launch our industry report, "Ink-credible AI: Exploring AI's Role in Personalized Printing Industry." This report delves into how artificial intelligence (AI) revolutionizes printing, enhancing creative expression, and driving personalization to new heights. 

The "Ink-credible AI" report highlights AI investment's rapid, double-exponential growth, far surpassing traditional technological advancements. It explores practical AI applications and the unique challenges they address, such as the need for high-resolution outputs essential for quality printing and the increasing demands for personalization among Generation Z consumers.  

Additionally, our report addresses the regulatory framework with the forthcoming AI Act in the EU, ensuring that AI technologies are used safely and fairly. 

Schedule a Meeting and Download the Report 

We look forward to meeting you at booth E20 in hall 7A. Drupa is an excellent opportunity for industry leaders and innovators to connect, and we are excited to be part of this dynamic environment. Come and explore how Printbox is leading the way in personalized photo products with cutting-edge solutions that offer the flexibility of bespoke software combined with the ease of use of standard platforms.  

Our experts are eager to discuss our findings and explore potential collaborations. You can schedule your meeting here

Additionally, do not miss the opportunity to download the "Ink-credible AI" report before the event to gain insights into the AI-driven transformations in the printing industry. Download the report here

See you there at Drupa! 

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