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May 22, 2024

Printbox Unveils AI Innovations in Masterpiece AI for Drupa

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Preparation for Drupa

Image to Image Update

Printbox's "Image to Image" feature revolutionizes personalized invitations and other custom products by allowing users to transform their photos into beautifully stylized products. Although still in development, this feature supports a few products, including "Masterpiece AI Invites" for personalized birthday invitations and custom dog posters. Users can upload pictures and describe the main object, and the AI generates images in the selected style. This process ensures that each creation is unique and tailored to individual preferences. We are eager to expand this feature to support many more products shortly. For more information or to inquire about future product support, please contact us.

Copyright Protection

In our ongoing effort to ensure legal compliance and protect user content, Printbox has implemented advanced AI-powered content moderation. This system pre-moderates uploads, filtering out inappropriate material and analyzing user prompts for potential copyright violations. Our commitment to continuous review and updating prompt categories guarantees that our users can create confidently, knowing their work attaches to copyright laws.

Prompt Enhancer V1

the Prompt Enhancer V1 simplifies and improves the AI prompting process. This innovative tool analyzes user inputs and offers suggestions to refine prompts, improving the quality and relevance of generated content. The Prompt Enhancer is particularly useful for users unfamiliar with specific terminology, providing intuitive suggestions and making the creation process more accessible and efficient.

Jakub Kuśmider, Head of Product for Masterpiece AI - "Our latest AI advancements are designed to empower users by simplifying complex processes and ensuring high quality, personalized results. The Image to Image feature, enhanced copyright protection, and Prompt Enhancer V1 are part of our continuous journey to improve and simplify the personalized printing industry."

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