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January 18, 2024

Personalize Your EDDM Campaigns using GEOmarketing

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No names and addresses but locations -- how to upgrade Retail EDDM Marketing

Thomas Schnettler
Thomas Schnettler

Print marketing is thriving. Catalogues, leaflets or postcards are important parts of the customer journey, as they provide a break from the screens and leave a lasting impression. 

While also direct mail in particular became remarkably popular again during the previous years, today we share ideas on how to upgrade the traditional EDDM campaigns. It is an easy, cost-efficient way to reach a high number of recipients while providing valuable information and engaging cross media elements.

Imagine a fashion retailer that sells high quality clothing items in several brick-and-mortar boutiques. Their products are manufactured under fair and sustainable conditions. A main goal of the company is to communicate these values transparently to their customers.

When visiting their stores, consumers can not only see and try on their products, but also get detailed information about the origin of the used materials and production chains. Regular shop events are held to promote new collections and donate a part of the proceeds to charity projects. This supports their business values and strengthens customer loyalty.

Their concept has been well received so far, and soon they are going to launch a new collection. They went for an innovative EDDM campaign to promote that and attract new visitors.

EDDM mailers are sent to households in the area near the new boutique locations. They provide general information on their business and values as well as details on the upcoming collection. Right next to that the recipients find a QR code linking to the locrFINDER: they can scan these and find a dynamic map with the route to the nearest store location on their mobile device. This provides personalized information for every individual customer and is proven to boost response rates. The style of the location finder matches the corporate design of the retail stores and instantly highlights their proximity and accessibility. This adds relevant value and an engaging cross media element to the traditional EDDM campaign. Recognizing their own home location on the locrFINDER has a significant impact on the recipient and instantly creates a connection.

EDDM campaigns are a trusted tool for retail marketing, as they easily reach a high number of potential customers, can be produced in a very short time and are very cost-efficient. By adding the locrFINDER, you can tie these to online content and add engaging personalization elements with low effort.

 Try the locrFINDER here!

 See our profile for more geomarketing inspiration! 

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