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June 18, 2024

A Quick Chat with Dan Armstrong

A Quick Chat with Dan Armstrong
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JONDO UK is thriving, and its Commercial Director views his job as both a privilege and a responsibility.

A Quick Chat with Dan Armstrong

JONDO UK is one of the leading B2B on-demand photo/gift fulfilment providers in the UK. The team's mission is to consistently delight clients who want to get personalized photos, branding and designs onto retail and promotional products for their customers as soon as the next day. Wide-ranging applications include canvas, cushions, fine-art prints, makeup bags, shopping bags, pet beds and much more.

As Commercial Director at JONDO UK, Dan Armstrong oversees business development, product management, marketing and customer acquisitions for the company. He brings a strategic, customer-focused approach to building long-term business partnerships and driving growth. Dan loves sensing and capitalizing on new opportunities to help entrepreneurs and creators reach and grow their audiences.

Soon after hearing the news that JONDO UK expanded with a new factory in the Czech Republic, we caught up with Dan for a quick conversation about the company's success, and how his team is helping businesses grow through on-demand printing.

What does your role at JONDO UK mean to you?

Being a Commercial Director at JONDO UK is both a privilege and a significant responsibility. It means driving the strategic vision of the company, ensuring that we meet our financial goals while delivering unparalleled value to our clients. It involves overseeing our marketing and business development functions to ensure our products not only reach the market but also resonate with our target audience. For our company, it signifies a commitment to growth, innovation and maintaining the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

What do you think your best customers say about JONDO UK?

Our customers often highlight our commitment to quality, reliability, fast turnaround times and exceptional customer service. They appreciate our ability to deliver, at scale, high-quality wall and home décor products consistently, with our innovative approach to customization and personalization. Also, they value our dedication to continuously improving our product and service offerings.

JONDO UK recently expanded into the Czech Republic. What does that signify about your team, and what new opportunities is JONDO going after?

Being part of JONDO UK during its expansion into the Czech Republic is incredibly rewarding. It demonstrates our company's resilience, ambition and vision for the future. Our expansion not only opens up new markets new and existing customers, but also allows us to bring our innovative products to a broader audience, enhancing our footprint.

Our team is actively exploring opportunities in the growing market for personalized and sustainable home décor. We're investing in new technologies that allow for greater applications and scalable production methods. Additionally, we're expanding our software platforms to support a wider audience and exploring strategic partnerships to enhance our product offerings and market reach.

Anything else you’d like to emphasize about the good things your company is doing?

I’d like to emphasize our ongoing commitment to sustainability and innovation. JONDO UK is not just about producing beautiful wall art; we are dedicated to doing so in a way that minimizes our environmental impact. We strive to be a responsible and forward-thinking company. Our team's passion for what we do is reflected in every piece we create, ensuring that consumers receive not only high-quality products but also ones they can feel good about.

Thanks for chatting with us, Dan!

Thank you as well!

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