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December 12, 2023

On the Move with Moxy

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This passionate group of print mavericks is thriving with technology, and preparing to move into a new facility in 2024

In 1996, a young Matt Huber began his print-industry career by sweeping floors in the bindery department of a small print shop in Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA. Today, this Dscooper is preparing to move his impressive print and brand-management company, Moxy (formerly moxy ox), into a larger facility to support its growth.

What happened in the years in between — all the hard work, the valuable experience Matt gained in print production and operations, the focus on improving each customer’s experience — speaks to his commitment to clients and his passion for print.

Soon after he began working at Tontitown, Arkansas-based Moxy as an operations manager, Matt shifted the firm's focus to high-quality print and modernized its process with an online ordering system called motogo™. It enables clients to upload designs and decide when to have them delivered. Matt was quickly promoted to COO.

“Printing is more of a partnership than a business transaction,” Matt says. “We see Moxy play an important part in making our customer’s purpose become a reality, and it’s exciting to see the stories they get to tell through print.”

Printing with a purpose has been the brand promise since CEO Randy Hurban and Missy Hurban acquired the creative agency in 2012. Together, he and Matt shifted the firm’s direction toward print and the different ways it can help brands in Northwest Arkansas and beyond.

“I’m always excited to see customers’ reactions when they see their orders,” Randy says. His team of hard-working and passionate people “truly want to make an impact on our customers’ businesses. Their determination to deliver something spectacular has driven our success.”

Businesses of all sizes use Moxy to order a full range of products, including business cards, letterhead, posters, flyers, envelopes, brochures and more. Matt handles many of the company’s larger client relationships, as well as its yearly budget, staff hiring and equipment purchases. In 2022, Moxy upgraded from an HP Indigo 5900 Digital Press to an HP Indigo 7K, and also added an HP 700 roll-to-roll printer to jump into the realm of wide-format printing.

The move is paying off, as the sales team is now going after larger accounts with multiple locations and marketing departments that understand the importance of a printed piece. “Those are the types of clients that can appreciate a storefront model that can be accessed and ordered by multiple satellite offices around the country,” Matt says.

Today, the Moxy brand is held in high esteem in the Northwest Arkansas community. “When someone needs something high-quality with great customer service, and also knows someone is here to truly help them and educate them on how, they come here,” Matt says.

Next year, “here” will be in a place twice its current size — a 10,000-sq.-ft. facility in nearby Springdale, Arkansas. Randy, Matt and the entire Moxy team are excited to double the company’s current production size. They’ll also have extra space to lease out until they need to expand again.

“We had several of our large clients ask us to take on larger projects that we just couldn't handle,” Matt says. “The storyline was repeated many times in a very short period of time, and that storyline was this: ‘We love doing business with Moxy. We love the way you treat every job as if it is the only job you have. We love that we always look like heroes to our clients because of how much you care about your business and ours. Please take these orders from us. We will help in any way we can. We will even help purchase equipment if you will just take care of it all at Moxy.’”

While the company prepares to move, it’s also taking the opportunity to upgrade its infrastructure, including its phone system (moving to VOIP), routers and wifi equipment.

“I’m really proud of the team we have built at Moxy, and I believe the quality of their work shows in the excited faces of customers when they pick up their printing orders,” Matt says. “It's my hope that the size we build will last us for 10 more years, at least.”

For a print career that has gone from sweeping floors to sweeping changes, congratulations to Matt and the Moxy team!

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