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Q&A with the Super Leader of Super Foto

Posted Aug 25, 2023 | Views 278
# Digital Printing
# Operations

Aditya Upadhyaya foresees a healthy future for the photo print market, and feels more prepared for that future because of his involvement in Dscoop. The Founder of Super Foto DG X Press, based in Bangalore, India, has helped the company advance and grow with HP Indigo technology. He has also served as a Dscoop India event panelist and site-visit host for others in the Dscoop community.

In the video below, Aditya joins Dscoop's Rashmi Sharma to talk about Super Foto's success in the photo print market, how , how Dscoop events help him generate ideas to grow his business and more.

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Posted Sep 14, 2023 | Views 141
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