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Unvarnished: Jordan Darragh of PrintReleaf

Posted Dec 13, 2023 | Views 347
# Sustainability
# Unvarnished

Sustainability and technology combine in the mind of Jordan Darragh, founder and CEO of PrintReleaf. He recognized the need for print businesses to continually move toward sustainability goals and track their progress while doing so.

PrintReleaf's software enables print businesses to automatically reforest the equivalence of their paper and fiber-based material consumption, and offset the carbon emissions associated with their paper and packaging products. The result is good for both the planet and the bottom line — PrintReleaf's clients can certifiably plant trees to reforest their paper consumption and also use those efforts to impress and gain customers who also value eco-friendly practices.

In this episode of "Unvarnished," Jordan talks about how PrintReleaf started, and why its technology and efforts matter now more now than ever.

Here’s the recipe for the Alabama White Sauce Jordan mentions during the interview. "I was fortunate to meet Tuffy Stone last year at an event called Smoking University in Charleston, SC, where I went to barbecue school for three days, and I actually made the smoked chicken with him," Jordan says. "Life memory! Enjoy the recipe!"

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