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Automation in overdrive

Posted Apr 29, 2024 | Views 23

New Ultimate branding for 2024 and beyond

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April 24th 2024, Montreal, Canada, Ultimate Tech, leader in imposition, nesting and finishing automation is proud to present its new brand platform. After 35 years of imposition workflow excellence, the company updates its brand platform to better encompass its technological progress through the years and its vision for a bright future. At the core of its mission lies a genuine dedication to the print industry community.

To simplify and to better promote its mission, Ultimate TechnoGraphics will operate under a shortened name: Ultimate Tech. Today, Ultimate Tech offers three unique and best-in-class solutions:

Ultimate Impostrip, True Scalable Imposition & Nesting Automation Ultimate Bindery, The Workflow Hook into Finishing Automation Ultimate BestCut, The AI Driven Cutting Buddy

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