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Why Automation and Integration Matter

Posted Nov 10, 2022 | Views 421
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Tight labor markets. Higher order volumes of small jobs. Delivery times measured in days instead of weeks. These business issues and more are driving the need for increased automation, from prepress to shipping.

Fortunately, the HP team has developed many tools to help you navigate those challenges and grow your business. HP collaborated with Dscoop in 2022 on a three-part education series called "Integration: The Foundation of Automation." The series introduces the tools and skills you need streamline your operations.

Here are video recordings of all three sessions:

FIRST SESSION: WHY AUTOMATION AND INTEGRATION MATTER The recording of the first session introduces automation and how system integration benefits print service providers. Leading the way are HP experts Philippe Mucher, Chad Stevens, Kieran Parmar, Guy Haba and Bob Raus:

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