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Dscoop's Eco Summit in Orlando educates and inspires attendees

September 7, 2023

The Dscoop community recently wrapped up an inspiring Eco Summit, a gathering that explored the realm of sustainability -- everything from the importance of certification to municipal packaging regulations to customer incentive programs.

More than 50 Dscoopers came together with some amazing sustainability leaders and exchanged insights on integrating sustainability within the printing industry. Fancy words and tricky steps aside, we all agreed on one thing: We've got work to do, and every little move counts.

A panel of professionals who are passionate about driving positive change shared ways their companies are accelerating their sustainability efforts. Thanks to Julie Brannen of Monadnock, Luke Westlake of Brook + Whittle, Apurva Shah of Charter Next Generation and Pia Simran of Rootree Inc. for their insight.

Pia shared an enlightening keynote on Rootree's eco-friendly practices. She's the company's VP, Head of Product, Innovation & Business Development. "What an incredible gathering, reminding us that sustainability isn't just a concept but a movement powered by action," she said. "It's not just about talking the talk; it's about walking the walk. Whether it's implementing eco-friendly practices in the printing processes, exploring sustainable materials or advocating for responsible production, everyone's efforts have the potential to spark monumental change."

We visited Orlando-based printer SunDance, the first offset Sustainable Green Printer in Florida, for an exclusive site visit. President JohnHenry Ruggieri and his team guided us through their impressive facility, showcasing their journey towards sustainability.

The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership conducted a Carbon Footprint Workshop, guiding attendees on how to calculate their carbon footprint accurately.

What sustainability moves are you making?

What is sustainability, anyway? To me, it's like keeping the present awesome without making the future sad. It's finding that sweet spot between economic growth, environmental care and social well-being.

As the world increasingly recognizes the urgency of addressing environmental concerns, sustainability isn't about empty talk; it's about concrete action. Whether weaving eco-conscious practices into the printing processes, exploring sustainable materials or advocating for responsible production, each effort, regardless of its magnitude, contributes to a larger cause.

This brings us to you. What steps are you taking? How is your team, alongside your clients, navigating toward a more sustainable future? We can't wait to hear your insights, regardless of whether you're well into your sustainability journey or just embarking on it. By sharing your practices, you're not only guiding others but also nurturing a community of change-makers.

Kudos to our inspiring speakers, engaged panelists, amazing site hosts, and (of course!) all the participants of the Eco Summit! Let's create a real-deal movement and push sustainability beyond the confines of a buzzword!

Photos courtesy of Siana Wenzel, Rootree

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