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June 23, 2023

Could Seaweed Be The Future of Recyclable Packaging?

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Seaweed is becoming more popular as a means of advancing the sustainability movement

When making purchases, more and more people are considering the ocean plastic crisis and recyclability. According to a Boston Consulting Group poll, 67 percent of customers believe it is critical that the items they purchase come in recyclable packaging. In addition, 54% consider sustainable packaging when purchasing a product.

Cosmetics, medicines, agriculture, food, and animal feed are all examples of where seaweed is now used. Long-term seaweed farming, generally in the form of aquaculture, has been practiced in Asia for decades. Seaweed is becoming more popular as a means of advancing the sustainability movement, but attaining these goals requires taking a long-term strategy.

A British Multinational packaging company is exploring seaweed as an alternative fiber to wood. DS Smith is hopeful to be the first company in the packaging industry to use seaweed in paper and packaging products, with the potential of seaweed as a barrier coating, replacing the current petroleum-based products.

Is seaweed going to be a big part of the circular economy? Read on here to find out.

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