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With These Rising Stars, the Future Looks Bright

Posted Jul 02, 2024 | Views 245
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# EdgeIndy
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# Talent Engagement

What does the next generation of industry talent like? Look no further than these five impressive Ferris State University students.

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The future of the digital print industry is being created today, thanks to the fresh perspective, skills and passion of young talent around the world. Our profession's rising stars are helping companies transform and shine.

As you'll see in this video, some of these stars are forming early, even as early as their sophomore year of college.

The group interview features four students enrolled in Ferris State University's graphic media management program in the College of Business. Together, Tara Seth, Maggie Lewis, Mackenzie Griffin, Emalyn Nelson and Faith Robinson are a constellation of young talent that presents an energizing picture of the print communications landscape. They care more about future communication than past convention, and they have a burning desire to make a difference.

Soon, Tara, Maggie, Mackenize, Emalyn and Faith will be pioneering new pathways to success in the world of print and marketing communications. Perhaps they will find internships or employment through Dscoop connections. They all networked with Dscoopers at Edge Indy, where during the event Tara also helped to drive an important discussion during an educational session about marketing to different generations.

What are they learning in the Ferris State program? What did they discover during Edge Indy? How might they begin to shape their careers?

Enjoy the conversation and find out.

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