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Bali Summit: Exhilarating and Valuable

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152 Dscoopers learned growth strategies, bonded and had fun.

September 13, 2023

The Dscoop Bali Summit was an exhilarating event that took 151 participants on an unforgettable journey of learning, networking and cultural immersion.

The Summit kicked off with two incredible days of site visits to Cahaya Jakarta Group, Bintang Sempurna, and ePac Flexible Packaging, offering international attendees valuable insights into these businesses.

Upon arriving in Bali, the event began with a vibrant registration process, featuring personalized badges and Dscoop banners, setting the stage for a memorable experience. Attendees from 13 countries, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and India, brought their proudest products to showcase and discuss for a fun concept called Print Pride awards.


Congratulations to Nexibles and Bintang Sempurna on their Print Pride awards, and special thanks to Nathan Santoso Fermenusa for introducing Bali Arak, making the event a memorable success.

Laurensius Chandra, an APJ Board Member from Indonesia, welcomed attendees and introduced the dedicated SEA Committee members, including Fion See, Mark Carunungan, Yudha Bima, and Praput Chivapornthip, who played crucial roles in making the event a success.

Keynote speaker Ben Soebiakto spoke on agile entrepreneurship, and William Djaja provided insight on empowering a workforce and transforming organizational culture.

The day included a visit to GWK Cultural Park, a breathtaking backdrop for the kecak dance and a networking dinner overlooking Bali's scenic landscape.


On the second day, Fiki Setiyono from Microsoft Indonesia discussed harnessing AI's potential for success, while Arnon Goldman, General Manager for HP Industrial, shed light on the printing industry's direction.

Dennis Choo explored the capabilities and benefits of PrintOS and automation in print workflows. For the first time, large format became a part of the Dscoop family, and the Bali Summit welcomed them with open arms in a dedicated session.

The panel discussion "Unlocking the Possibilities of HP Large Format Printing" featured an insightful conversation between HP Large Format and Primagraphia Digital as they explored the synergy between HP Indigo and HP Latex.


Attendees participated in a Stress Buster Bootcamp, led by Dscoop's Rashmi Sharma, before the eagerly awaited Print Pride Spotlight: Showcase and Share. Winners included Wellen Brothers, Bintang Sempurna, and Nexibles, who received customized trophies and special gifts from HP.

The event culminated with a tasting session by Nusantara Fermentation Cooperative, Iwak Arumery, offering a true taste of Indonesian culture and philosophy.

The Summit fostered connections, shared knowledge and celebrated excellence. It showcased the power of collaboration, not only among printers but also with partner companies.

The following day, 33 of us embarked on a Bali tour, capturing memories with a group picture at our main Summit theme. It was a fantastic opportunity to further strengthen our bonds, enjoy delicious cuisine and continue snapping pictures to commemorate this remarkable experience.


After the event, nine enthusiastic Dscoop members launched the Dscoop Diving Club beneath Bali's pristine waters. They showed our community's enduring passion for embracing new adventures and opportunities to connect and learn together.

The Bali Summit was truly a journey of discovery, collaboration and friendship that will leave a lasting impression on all of us, inspiring us to look forward to future adventures.


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