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July 10, 2024

5 Reasons to Attend the Dscoop Cebu Summit 2024

5 Reasons to Attend the Dscoop Cebu Summit 2024
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The event will give your business a jolt of fresh ideas and perspective.

5 Reasons to Attend the Dscoop Cebu Summit 2024

The picturesque paradise of Cebu serves as the perfect backdrop for incredible networking, learning and local culture that awaits attendees of the Dscoop Cebu Summit, set for August 28-30 in Cebu, Philippines. The event's theme is “The Future of Creative Printing,” and we'll boldly explore how creativity can revolutionize multiple aspects of your business.

Save your spot and register here.

Here are five reasons to attend:

1. Your business could use a jolt of fresh perspective.

The Cebu Summit agenda features education meant to spark new ideas and strategies for your business:

  1. "Future Trends in Print Design: What to Expect in the Next Decade"
  2. "Creative Design & Solution: Opportunities in Creative Printing"
  3. "Creative Applications: Security Printing Through Indigo"
  4. "Creative Business Models: Strategic Value Propositions and Blue-Ocean Thinking"
  5. "Creative Initiatives: Collaboration Within the Dscoop Community"
  6. "Nature Spring's Commitment to Sustainability"
  7. "Driving a Profitable Printing Business"

2. Helpful experts are bringing their energy, ideas and experiences.

This Cebu Summit features excellent speakers whose knowledge and practical strategies can help you maximize your business potential.

  1. TikTok's Paige Espiritu, a specialist in social media optimization and content programming
  2. HP's Guy Bibi, an expert in AI and creative tools for printing
  3. FDP Food International's Dan David Jr., who oversees sales and marketing, operational excellence and more for the company behind the globally-recognized 7D Dried Mangoes
  4. HP's Hanny Gan, a leader in brand innovation and strategic partnerships
  5. Spring Water's Michael Embrestro, who's eager to share the brand's sustainability journey and tips
  6. HP's Arnon Goldman, who's ready to help you explore strategies to drive a more profitable business

3. You'll be able to apply new concepts immediately upon returning to work.

The Cebu Summit includes interactive workshops where you'll discover and discuss how fresh concepts might apply to your business. Learn how to harness creativity in your marketing campaigns, integrate platforms like TikTok into your marketing strategy and more.

Also, a limited number (15) of international attendees will see creative concepts firsthand during a site visit to Nitto Printing in Manila. Nitto Printing team members look forward to hosting Dscoopers coming from outside of the Philippines, and talk about the company's goals, technologies and processes.

4. Enjoy fun activities and feel the Dscoop spirit!

The Cebu Summit is not just about business — it’s also an opportunity to enjoy Cebu's scenic beauty and vibrant culture. Two fun group events are on the schedule:

  1. Diving and snorkeling. The vibrant coral reefs of Mactan Island await.
  2. Whale shark watching and Sumilon Island day tour. Swim with whale sharks, explore coral reefs, and enjoy kayaking or nature trekking.

5. Showcase your team's creativity and get inspired by colleagues at the Print Pride Awards

The Print Pride Awards are a highlight of the Cebu Summit, giving attendees the chance to showcase their most creative printing projects. Compete for exciting prizes, and gain recognition for your inspiring creative solutions.

Save your spot and register here.

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