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May 7, 2024

7 Impressive Facts About Marzek Etiketten+Packaging

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These Austria-based Dscoopers have a passion for labels and packaging, a spirit of innovation, and an eye toward the future.

I am Eugenia Cifuentes, Dscoop's Community Success Manager for Europe/Middle East/Africa, and I recently spent time with leaders at Marzek Etiketten+Packaging, headquartered in Traiskirchen, Austria. The company is a pioneer in the field of sales-promoting packaging and labels, and specializes in producing innovative, customized solutions for trade, industry and viticulture.

I was particularly impressed with CEO Johannes Michael Wareka's passion for wine labels and all their colors, shapes and forms. It's a deeply-rooted family legacy of passion that was established way back in 1879 by Johannes' great-grandfather and remains present today through a team that includes Johannes' children. Together, they are meticulous about every aspect of labeling and are known for their distinct, high-quality wine labels.

Here are seven fun facts about Marzek:

1. The company is steeped in tradition.

Marzek has been a family-run business for five generations. The Wareka family has always been dedicated to producing high-quality labels and printing products. Today, the company produces labels and packaging for thousands of small businesses and international industrial customers throughout Europe with plants in Austria, Hungary and Ukraine, and employs more than 650 people.

2. Johannes' team is passionate about labels.

The company's passion for labels stems from its role as a communication medium between producers and consumers. Johannes highlighted that labels communicate more than just the product's information; they convey the product's quality and tell a story through design and production techniques. This passion for labels drives Marzek's pursuit of innovation and excellence in label production.

3. The company has a mindset of continual innovation.

Marzek Etiketten+Packaging has consistently embraced innovation, combining different technologies like conventional and digital printing with high-quality embellishments and precision laser cutting to create unique labels. The company collaborates closely with creative agencies to explore the possibilities these technologies offer. Johannes noted that the speed of technological change is increasing in the L&P market, especially with digital technologies.

Marzek's range of services covers the entire L&P spectrum, from highly refined special labels with precision laser post-processing for food, beverages, spirits and commerce to standard industrial labels. In addition to special eco-solutions, growth areas include flexible packaging as well as folding cartons and high-quality fine cardboard packaging. Individually tailored labeling technology, thermal transfer printers, expert advice and comprehensive service round off the portfolio and offer perfectly coordinated packaging solutions from a single source.

4. Despite ongoing challenges, Marzek is award-winning.

Throughout its history, Marzek has faced several challenges, including finding skilled personnel, digitization, and maintaining IT security. The company has tackled these challenges through cooperation with schools, in-house training and integrating its IT systems to connect clients, prepress, printing, and suppliers efficiently. Despite those challenges, Marzek has consistently won awards for its innovative labels, including several Finat competitions.

5. Quality control is a catalyst for success.

Quality is a top priority for Marzek, which has a comprehensive quality control system in place, with checks at every step of the production process. The team employs optical controls and cameras to ensure the highest standards are met in their labels, especially for complex products like wine labels, where they communicate the quality and atmosphere of the product.

6. Through Dscoop, the team connects to ideas and education.

Marzek values its involvement in the Dscoop community, as Dscoop provides opportunities for Johannes and his team to network, share ideas and learn from others. The company values the exchange of information and regular updates on new developments and trends. (I'm the person on the far left of the picture below.)

7. Johannes aims to keep growing.

The label-making process at Marzek is constantly evolving, and the company remains focused on decorative packaging as a growing market. It's dedicated to keeping up with trends, including ecological considerations. Johannes and his team are prepared to adapt to changing market demands while maintaining the company's deep-rooted reputation for quality and innovation.

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