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Unvarnished: Kjetil Hovland is a Breath of Fresh Air

Posted Apr 18, 2023 | Views 131
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Dscoop is a collection of industry mavericks — people around the world who aren’t afraid to make mistakes, to push the envelope and to eagerly share ideas with others. Kjetil Hovland is the epitome of that description.

When he's outside, skiing in the nearby mountains or boating on the picturesque fjord next to his office, Kjetil is peaceful in his element. He loves the fresh air, mountains and glaciers around Gaupne, the location of his impressive company, Digital Etikett. But when he's inside the company's remarkable all-wood office, Kjetil is ready to crank up rock-and-roll music and guide his kick-butt team. He loves using digital print to delight brands of all sizes.

This maverick will be a magnificent resource at the Greening the Bottom Line, set for June 8-9 in the village of Songdal, about a half hour south of Gaupne. Kjetil is eager to talk to fellow printers about his company's extensive sustainability practices.

In the "Unvarnished" video above, Dscoop's Chris Hyde and Darin Painter caught up with Kjetil to talk about the coolness of Norway, his personal and business journey to protect the environment, and why printers should attend Greening the Bottom Line.

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