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Muller Martini Drives Digital Transformation

Posted May 29, 2024 | Views 183
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Dscoop Partner provides end-to-end workflow solution.

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Any printer looking for an end-to-end workflow solution can rely on the experts at Muller Martini, a leading producer of print finishing solutions for commercial and book printers, trade binderies, newspapers, and digital book manufacturers.

The company's groundbreaking “Smart Factory: Finishing 4.0” platform delivers innovative systems, software and machines that seamlessly accommodate offset, digital and hybrid printed products while optimizing workflow.

In this five-minute chat during Edge Indy, Andy Fetherman, President and CEO of Muller Martini North America, talks to Deborah Corn about the power and versatility of the company's Connex workflow system, the value of adding Hunkeler to Muller Martini's portfolio and the importance of being part of the Dscoop global community.

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