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Michelman Is Unleashing the Full Potential of Digital

Posted Apr 30, 2024 | Views 719
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Michelman's Lisa DiGate talks about the company's collaborative, 20-year partnership with HP, along with new solutions that are helping digital printers grow.

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Michelman keeps advancing and innovating, and its relationship to HP keeps getting stronger. "We have spent the past 20 years together, understanding and learning fundamental knowledge of how the ink, the substrate, the primer and the equipment work together to form a system," says Lisa DiGate, the company's Vice President, Global Business - HP Indigo Printing & Packaging Group.

R&D teams at Michelman and HP have collaborated on projects, and the companies' combined expertise in labels, packaging and commercial print have paved the way for growth among Michelman's customers. "It has been a wonderful 20-year partnership, and we're looking forward to the next 20 years together," Lisa says. Today, Michelman continues to help HP users capture new market opportunities and accelerate growth.

In this interview recorded inside the Solutions Showcase at Edge Indy, she talks about Michelman's range of solutions, including the company's new DigiPrime Vision 9000 line, which are water-based digital print primers designed specifically for use in the in-line priming units of HP Indigo Digital Presses. These primers optimize a wide range of substrates for labels, flexible packaging and commercial applications immediately prior to printing.

"We have a solution for every press, every application and darn near every substrate in the industry," Lisa says.

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