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John Bracamontes: Smaller Printers Need Big Marketing Help

Posted Sep 14, 2023 | Views 155

Especially for smaller print companies, it can feel complicated to dedicate resources and budget money to marketing. Can a small printer achieve real results without spending a fortune?

Absolutely, says John Bracomantes, President of marketing agency Acumen Studio and printer-focused digital marketing platform Pryntbase. He and his team empower companies of all sizes to acquire new leads and new sales through high-ROI content marketing.

If you're looking to make your digital marketing efforts faster, more consistent and more effective, John has more than just advice in the video below; he has a wide range of courses and tools. He sat down with Dscoop at Printing United to talk about why and how printers can tap into those resources. "We're making it as easy as possible to get more leads," he says.

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