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John Bracamontes and Alyssa Willey: Printers Need Marketing Help

Posted Aug 30, 2023 | Views 183

Every company in the print industry wants to improve its online presence -- to get noticed, to get leads and to get business. In this interview, John Bracamontes of Acumen Studios and Alyssa Willey of Pryntbase share tips and tricks that can help your company boost its online presence and effectiveness:

The pandemic has led to an important truth: As marketing and sales become more digital, it's smart for PSPs to use technology that empowers them to find and convert leads without exhausting their resources.

John and Alyssa talk about how digital marketing has evolved in the print industry, what today's PSPs are doing (and not doing but could) to reach target clients, what to consider when judging the effectiveness of your marketing tactics, and more. In one answer (starting at the 22:45 mark of the video), they talk about why it's smart to create and develop a strategy for using LinkedIn.

"From what we've seen, many printers are targeting too broadly," Alyssa says, adding that today's end users want to know specifically what a printer can do for them. Also, she and John agree that one prevailing marketing problem in the print industry is simply inactivity -- PSPs not updating their websites, messages and strategies for attracting new business and showcasing their value.

Acumen Studios provides an online marketing model specifically for the print industry that "fills your inbox and floods your phone with high-quality, low-cost leads," according to the company. Pryntbase, a sister company of Acumen Studios, helps companies find and win new customers through content marketing tools even the smallest companies can use. Pryntbase's mission is to give printers the knowledge (online courses) and simple tools (ready-made content, etc.) to grow their businesses online.

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