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Janus Annunciation's 'Great Journey'

Posted Jun 18, 2024 | Views 338
# Automation
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India packaging leader shares his passion for networking and learning in the Dscoop community.

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"The amount of sharing, the community, the innovations, the people and the networking have just been phenomenal." That's how Janus Annunciation describes the value of being an active member of the Dscoop global community.

Janus is Director of Growth & Innovation at India-based Janus International, the one-stop packaging house that's achieving impressive growth and a reputation for out-of-the-ordinary print solutions.

While attending his sixth Dscoop Edge event, Janus sat down with Rashmi Sharma, Dscoop's Community Success Manager, South Asia, to talk about current trends shaping the print market, the importance of automation, the value of gaining ideas and making connections in the "great journey" of Dscoop, and more.

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