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The James Nilles Equation: Great Team x Great Technology

Posted May 21, 2024 | Views 337
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That mix is fueling growth at online label provider etikett.de, part of CCL Label.

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"Our customer service team talks to a beekeeper," says James Nilles in this episode of the "Unvarnished" video interview series, "and then they talk to a beer brewer, and the next one wants technical labels."

As General Manager of online label provider etikett.de, part of CCL Label, James relishes the power and beauty of delivering impressive labels to a huge breadth of brands and markets. To that end, he also loves blending his team with his technology. "We try to produce everything the way the customer needs it," he says.

His efforts are paying off for etikett.de, a successful and growing label provider based in Germany. Its website features and produces amazingly impressive labels to markets such as beer, chemistry, cosmetics and nutritional supplements.

In the video, James shares ...

  • His secretes to etikett.de's success, including the power of having a talented team that can help clients determine the next best move for their label projects
  • His perspective on the current label market in Europe
  • How he stays updated on changing label regulations
  • The idea behind offering design services for labels
  • How being part of the global Dscoop community helps him succeed
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