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Harris & Bruno: Helping Printers Coat with Confidence

Posted Oct 31, 2023 | Views 254
# Finishing

Since 1948, Harris & Bruno International has focused on delivering innovative solutions for the printing and coating industry. Today, the company continues to lead and innovate — OEMs and printers rely on its sales, service and support personnel to "coat with confidence."

Among other solutions, Harris & Bruno offers the ExcelCoat ZRW, a fully automated web coater that excels in both standard and specialty AQ and UV coatings. The unit is capable of up to 500 fpm, and can interface directly with a digital press to create a fully integrated inline system. One operator can handle the entire line, saving printers the need to allocate additional resources. The ZRW is ideal for applications of gloss, matte, satin, soft touchy, priming, glitter, grit and more, the company says.

Learn more about Harris & Bruno in this conversation with Chris Hogge, the company's Director of Sales, North America.

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