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Exclusive Keynote: How to Use AI Marketing Tools

Posted Nov 07, 2023 | Views 501
# Artificial Intelligence
# Sales and Marketing
# Transformation

Digital marketing expert Daniel Jenkins explains the value of AI to make marketing teams faster and more effective

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There isn't one AI tool that can improve your marketing speed and effectiveness, says digital marketing expert Daniel Jenkins in this keynote. There are more than 250 of them.

Any print owner or marketing team member who's ready to open new doors should watch Daniel's eye-opening presentation delivered at "Unlocking AI's Marketing Magic," the 2023 Dscoop UK Summit in Sheffield, UK. His presentation is ideal for businesses aiming to build more traffic and convert more leads.

The 250-plus AI tools available to print teams today, including marketing, sales and benchmarking tools, are "the tip of the iceberg," he said. Daniel's keynote centered around case studies of AI in action, powered by his personal experience as Head of Client Services at marketing agency Wagada Digital. He also presented statistics projecting AI's growth, including the generative AI market reaching $51.8 billion by 2028.

"It's all opportunity," Daniel said. "You start to play with one, two, three AI tools, and you begin to recognize what could work for your business."

The keynote was part of a dynamic, interactive, two-days event where 50-plus Dscoopers test-drove AI tools in a hands-on Learning Hub, learned ways to better use data and build more traffic, learned from colleagues during a site visit to Precision Proco Group, and more. A related keynote held during the 2003 Dscoop UK Summit, presented by machine-learning pioneer Mozhgan Tavakolifard, demystifies AI in print.

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