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Dscoop Edge Indy 101

Posted Feb 01, 2024 | Views 221
# Edge Conference
Peter van Teeseling
Peter van Teeseling
Peter van Teeseling
Executive Director @ Dscoop

Executive Director @mydscoop : innovating print, together | #printhacking | solutionist | connector | community | crossmedia | lifehacker | mac | NL

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Executive Director @mydscoop : innovating print, together | #printhacking | solutionist | connector | community | crossmedia | lifehacker | mac | NL

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Let's Talk About Edge Indy! To help you prepare for Edge Indy, the digital print industry's flagship annual event, we're hosting a short, informative online session for people in different job roles to share what's happening at the event. We've talked about what to expect at the conference, how to best connect with other Dscoop members before and after Edge Indy, sneak previews of the keynotes and all the details you could need to come and work on your business at Edge Indy and fuel your future.

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Hey everyone, my name is Peter, I'm the executive director for Dscoop and I'm going to give you a quick overview of our upcoming Edge Indianapolis conference to be held March 24 - 27 2024.

So first of all Indianapolis, how do I get there?

Well, you can either go by air or go by car, right?

By air: 47 direct flights from across the US, farthest away, of course the West Coast just over four hours. Car is just as easy 4 hours from cities like Chicago, Nashville, all within that short driving distance.

If you're going by air we actually have some airline discounts with both Delta and United. Check our website for the details of that.

Where is the event held? The event will be held at the Indiana Convention Center in downtown Indianapolis Special rate hotels and other landmarks are only a short walk away, and the international airport is 20 minutes by car. The two hotels that we contracted are the JW Marriott and the Marriott. The blue lines are walkways that take you across the street straight into the convention center and everything is right there. Now, what can you expect from this conference?

This is a unique experience. This is not like any other trade show.

You will have access to many educational sessions delivered by members, providing opportunities for peer-to-peer learning, with great keynote speakers. We have something we call the solution showcase. You may think it's a trade show, but it's not it's really a space where Suppliers and users and experts and engineers and everyone else, you know gets together and really, you know Gets their hands on the technologies.

There will be printing presses running. There will be finishing equipment running. There will be workflow solution demos. There will be media & substrates. There will be tangible experiences.

Many different things to learn in that showcase. What we call networking pit stops so many networking activities to allow as much networking as we can and we hear over and over again that is pretty unique to our event and to our community the willingness to talk to each other and to help each other. And last but not least our celebration.

I can say it's it's pretty famous. The St. Louis the party in 2023 we still make people smile, it was in a quite unique location and we have something great in store for you again in Indianapolis.
The theme of the event of course Indianapolis synonymous with the racing and We we thought about different ways, but fuel your future is really is the theme of the event, right?

It's the race to stay ahead to grow your business to run the diversification To accelerate into new markets or out of existing markets Anyway, the question is are you ready to move and if you are then you join us at edgy andy Now keynotes.

I mentioned this already great three really great names one Priya Parker author of the book the art of gathering She'll take us through a gathering experience that will change your meetings and your family gatherings for the rest of your lives So you don't want to miss that Alex Rodriguez a rod sports legend investment in media icon very entertaining session we we anticipate and We expect a full house on the Monday for that as well and then last but not least Navar but pull Young guy in his 20s.

He will blow your minds with with his mentalist tricks and skills and will be a great entertaining A series of acts throughout the entire event so not to be missed So what have we done?

Also new this year so we're known for educational sessions that are really delivered by members and for the members lots of peer-to-peer Learning so what we've done this year if taken that into a new approach really taking The role-based approach so working with actual members from our community doing things like Taking talking to owners talking to it managers production managers sales and marketing experts and press operators What are the things that you need and then putting together 36 educational sessions plus a hackathon for developers and make it real very hands-on For professionals across all these roles.

So you do not want to miss Uh next up The new droop up portfolio hp is launching it in in inapolis.

It'll be announced there to the world It'll be revealed to the world.

It will be on display for the world in in inapolis So you want to see what the where the print industry is going?

You have to be in in inapolis to see it actually come to life So this is a big big thing for our community HP is not alone right so we also have currently over 50 partners that have signed and that will be on display in that famous solution Showcase showcasing the latest and greatest what they have to help you grow your business And to network and to learn collectively and to really celebrate the industry Um in details about the different tracks.

So for owners and executives the education track talks about things like sustainability diversification partnerships talent recruitment Uh a deep dive in the portfolio Um really about new opportunities and really about things you can do different with your business The sales and marketing track.

It was a it was a first last year in st.

Louis It was a massive success and you know, the team has built another great program that will get the community to to work over two days On all their sales and marketing and learn from each other IT managers becoming a bigger role in the companies anyway Nowadays talking about security talking about load balancing talking about again the diversification ai of course Um lots of different things that will happen within this space which will prove really really exciting Production managers, you know the heart and certainly the beating heart of the of the of the shop of the shop floor education track around Standard operating procedures metrics analytics quality control All again delivered by and for uh the members for by and for production managers in this case Res operators they have access to this education track across the two days very hands-on Both a lab and a classroom setting.

So again People attending operators attending will walk with lots of ideas and things and tricks that they've learned To improve your efficiencies and improve the utilization of your of your presses um Last but not least the partner showcase the innovations that we'll see there Are big I mentioned we have over 50 partners signed and again this list is growing every day Uh, we've got 10 or 12 between 10 and 12 that are bringing actual additional equipment.

So finishing embellishment Uh, all kinds of things for all kinds of products and applications within your business new partners around robotics We'll have sustainability materials and substrates workflow it You you can you cannot sort of you know, there's going to be something for everyone there for sure Schedule again for those who don't know we start on the sunday afternoon And you are whisked through all the different programs program elements for three days So opening general session on the sunday afternoon With bia park or the art of gathering really setting a new mindset on on meetings and gatherings The reveal of the hb industrial portfolio It will be a big launch and then after you can go straight into that showcase and we'll see all those new products up close And up and running and the same you'll see with all the other partners in that showcase There's going to be the reception.

So, you know drinks and appetizers lots of networking socializing.

So A celebration to start the event off in a good way Monday morning, we have a morning show with visionaries that will talk about You know where this industry is going for specific subjects Then you have the morning to explore that solution showcase see all those exhibitors and sponsors and partners then grab lunch in the showcase Go into the educational sessions in the afternoon and the hackathon and make it real Come back all in the general session room for alex rodriguez end of the day And then you know cap it off with some more networking and drinks and appetizers in the in the solution showcase And then you'll be off after around 8 30 Tuesday.

You can join us for a morning run Uh second morning show again setting the the tone for where the industry is going You definitely don't want to miss those Showcase explore the the the solutions for the second day And then in the afternoon again educational sessions the hackathon and to make it real and then we go into the general session room And we'll have a great entertaining closing show with our mentalist novella budpool Then we shut down for an hour or so and then you can make your way to another venue where we will host the discoup celebration party To close off the event celebrate print and its bright future And then on Wednesday you can relax and explore in unapolis before you make your way home Where can you stay and how do you get to our conference?

Well, we have Two main hotels contracted that are listed on our website and I encourage you to book your rooms quickly because one it is March madness tournament in indian at least on our weekend.

So everything is very very busy And then second these are you know these rates are going to last until I think the middle of February So you better make sure you register quickly again all details on our conference website discoupage.com But we'll have the link at the end of this presentation What do you get with your registration?

So We look after our attendees.

So that means the fee you pay to register includes everything that happens throughout the event So it includes community access network with all the attendees It includes the access to the showcase to see the hp industrial new portfolio But also see the innovation with all the other partners that are in that showcase Unlimited access to all those keynotes that I mentioned before All the sessions are included free of charge the hackathon is included to make it real sessions are included The lunches on Monday and Tuesday are included the refreshments are included the reception on Sunday Monday are included And the party on the Tuesday and that is full bar drinks and dinner and live music entertainment All the all all evening on Tuesday until midnight.

So, you know, it's a it's a great way to cap off A fantastic event and on top of that we we're doing our best to help you get there as well So you have some airline discounts with both delta and united Now, uh, what does it mean?

We are a password review first.

So our standard rates apply as the list on our website Single ticket is 1499 plus tax for all of that.

I just explained We also have a package deal you buy three you get four.

So that means you bring A fourth colleague all month.

Well, essentially free of charge and again Remember what I just shared the access to all those educational sessions and again the more people you you bring You can actually really maximize the return you get out of that so Take a few days come to in the Work on your business before you go back to work in your business And fuel your future with that.

I would say thank you very much.

See you in edge in the nepolis march 24 to 27 Disco batch.com and looking forward to seeing me there.

Thank you

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