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The Next Frontier of Digital Mail: Technologies That Connect Printers to Revenue & Customers to Results

Posted Dec 11, 2023 | Views 132
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On International Print Day 2023, Morgan DiGiorgio led a panel of printing professionals to discuss how integrating digital technologies into direct mail marketing is transforming the industry. The panel consisted of Alex Fechner, Director of Business Development, Advertisers Printing, Brandy Smale, Marketing Consultant, Colorworks, and Deborah Corn, the Intergalactic Ambassador to The Printerverse at Print Media Centr.

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0:04 okay we are back I think are we

0:08 back I’m here we’re back yes there we

0:12 are um this is going to be a very

0:15 interesting session I am gonna host it

0:19 for like the next 40 seconds and then

0:22 I’m actually going to join the panel and

0:25 why am I joining the panel I actually

0:27 requested to join this panel this topic

0:31 is super important to me um it has been

0:35 super important to me for the longest

0:37 time and that is how do we show how do

0:42 we prove the impact of a printed piece

0:47 and certainly Direct Mail 2.0 is one of

0:51 the tools and technologies that makes

0:52 that happen uh Morgan is the um oh

0:58 Morgan I don’t have your title in front

0:59 of me all son for some reason there you

1:01 are is the senior vice president of

1:04 sales and marketing at Direct Mail 2.0 I

1:07 also want to give a shout out to Bradley

1:10 uh who is the uh the CEO of direct mail

1:13 2.0 has just been tremendous partners of

1:17 of the printer verse for a long time and

1:19 I’m thrilled that you’re joining us here

1:22 and I’m actually going to turn over

1:23 hosting duties of this session to you

1:28 thanks Deborah I’m thrilled to have

1:30 opportunity to be a part of this event

1:31 and I honestly have to say I’ve been

1:33 tuning in pretty much all day and I’m

1:36 super impressed at a comprehensive group

1:39 of talented individuals solid content

1:41 the delivery the platform I mean really

1:44 just outstanding so I can’t imagine how

1:46 much work went into this so I just

1:48 wanted to personally thank you Deborah

1:50 for all of your efforts and and really

1:52 just for everything you do for the

1:53 industry as a whole thank you um but a

1:56 little bit about direct Mill 2.0 our

1:58 sole purpose is to make Direct Mail the

2:00 most effective form of marketing by

2:03 integrating it with Cutting Edge

2:04 technology and currently we have a 14

2:07 technology marketing automation platform

2:09 with a real-time reporting dashboard

2:11 because tracking and and proving the

2:13 effecacy of mail and showing that

2:14 reporting is so important um and that

2:18 all integrates into Direct Mail

2:19 campaigns to track show attribution and

2:21 lift the response rate of mail about 23

2:23 to 46% for pennies per mail piece and we

2:27 are known for having one of the most

2:28 comprehensive Sol solutions for Omni

2:31 Channel enhanced mail campaigns and uh

2:33 Printers White Label and reseller

2:35 platform to add value to their client St

2:37 mail campaigns and acquire new mail

2:39 business by offering something Above and

2:42 Beyond Inc on paper so basically we are

2:45 all about making mail more effective uh

2:48 on numerous fronts for print mailers

2:49 marketers and the industry as a whole

2:52 and I have the pleasure of having an a

2:54 steam panel today to speak to how

2:56 technology improves mail and adds value

2:58 for printers one of which is is the one

3:00 the only Deborah Gorn and I also have

3:03 two of our resellers on and our first

3:06 panelist is Alex feckner he’s the

3:08 Director of Business Development and

3:10 part owner of advertisers printing Alex

3:12 you want to tell us just a little bit

3:14 about advertisers

3:15 printing yes ma’am thank you Morgan and

3:19 thank you for uh having me on uh uh Alex

3:22 Fekner advertisers Printing St Louis

3:24 Missouri uh been in business for a

3:27 hundred years I’m the fourth gener a to

3:30 come into the company been with the

3:31 company for 15 years uh director of

3:34 sales and business development and uh

3:37 how I became partners with uh DM 2.0 was

3:41 uh you know ran into them at the

3:42 printing shows and you know being a

3:46 younger guy in the uh industry I saw it

3:48 and it just made sense um because I knew

3:51 that there was a lot more you could be

3:52 doing with your direct mail and I knew

3:54 it was going to give me an edge against

3:56 my competition so um roughly 30 40

4:00 million pieces of mail per year and

4:02 hoping to grow that a bunch next year

4:04 that’s awesome 100 years in business a

4:07 very remarkable accomplishment so I

4:09 don’t know if you’ve seen some of Alex’s

4:11 marketing content that they’ve been

4:12 pushing out on LinkedIn but it’s pretty

4:14 solid stuff so um and then next we have

4:18 Brandy SMY she’s a marketing consultant

4:20 and owner of Color Works Brandy you want

4:21 to tell us a little bit about Color

4:24 Works uh sure and I did want to thank

4:26 you both for allowing me to be here

4:28 today it’s really EXC exting to be able

4:30 to share how we’ve been able to

4:32 integrate digital and these new

4:35 technologies into our company because

4:37 it’s it’s just made uh worlds of

4:39 difference uh what’s interesting is both

4:42 Alex and our company our company as well

4:44 is a hundred years this year we

4:46 celebrated yeah it’s crazy absolutely

4:49 crazy we just uh posted on LinkedIn I

4:51 think it was last last week we had the

4:53 celebration so uh the ownership is thank

4:57 you Yes we made it

5:00 and that was not without a lot of

5:01 Reinventing and uh uh Direct Mail 2.0

5:05 was a huge part of that but um we’re an

5:08 integrated marketing company which means

5:10 that we can handle everything from copy

5:13 and design all the way through to print

5:15 and mail and um as Deborah was saying

5:18 you know don’t say no to the client

5:20 that’s really enabled us to evolve that

5:22 all our product offerings um cover just

5:25 about anything in marketing I like to

5:27 say other than TV or radio so other than

5:29 those two things were able to handle uh

5:32 projects for our clients phenomenal

5:34 thank you Brandy um and then last but

5:37 not least is Deborah Korn Intergalactic

5:40 ambassador to the pre for print media

5:42 center Deborah uh you want to tell us a

5:44 little bit about print media center D

5:46 thank you so much just just very quickly

5:48 I provide print inspiration and

5:50 resources to print marketing

5:51 professionals around the world and um

5:55 one of the things one of the

5:56 conversations I have all the time is

5:59 proof what is the proof that Print Works

6:02 um and so I’m just so honored that you

6:06 allowed me on this panel because Direct

6:09 Mail 2.0 is proof that print works with

6:14 the right message of the right campaign

6:16 at the right time with the right

6:18 recipient you need you need more than

6:20 just technology on mail uh you know to

6:23 to get a response to it but certainly um

6:26 at the end of the day people want to

6:29 understand what they got from that spend

6:32 and there was a time where well how many

6:33 people called the 1 1800 number today

6:36 you know and what if that mail was

6:38 delayed and you don’t know if they’re

6:40 calling it you know on a certain day or

6:42 they got somebody else’s mail so there’s

6:45 I’m just really super excited to be here

6:47 so thank you for the opportunity well

6:50 I’m gonna host your session for you in

6:52 like two seconds amen I like what you

6:54 said that it has to have all the right

6:56 components for to of an effective mail

6:58 campaign because we’re not miracle

7:00 workers but we do enhance mail campaigns

7:04 so um but today’s session is the next

7:06 Frontier of digital mail technologies

7:08 that connect printers to revenue and

7:09 customers to results so this will be a

7:11 discussion about the advantages of

7:13 adding technology to direct mail and the

7:15 benefits of doing so to make mail more

7:17 effective attractive and sticky and uh

7:20 the ancillary benefits that come with

7:22 that such as driving Revenue while

7:23 lifting the response and results of mail

7:25 campaigns now this session will be

7:27 purely educational but if anybody is

7:29 interested in learning more about our

7:30 company uh I will be hosting a demo in

7:32 the breakout session right after this

7:35 okay so um let’s go ahead and kick this

7:37 off um I’ll start with you Brandy what

7:40 what does digitally enhanced mail or

7:42 digital mail mean for your printing

7:44 services and when and why did you decide

7:47 to introduce this type of omni Channel

7:49 offering into your organization and what

7:51 has it done for your company from a

7:53 revenue and growth

7:55 perspective uh we started back in 2021

8:00 um so at that time we were already

8:02 realizing for a good bit of a good

8:04 period of time that we really needed to

8:06 differentiate ourselves from other print

8:09 providers and marketing providers so we

8:11 had started down the path of um being

8:15 specific in some verticals for instance

8:18 Credit Unions Senior Living other

8:20 financial institutions so in

8:22 specializing that way that gave us our

8:24 initial Edge but we realized that we

8:26 needed to go one step further um and

8:28 that was by adding the digital onto the

8:31 direct mail so that we could really um

8:34 show attribution to the campaigns that

8:36 we were running for our clients previous

8:39 to that we were doing digital separately

8:41 I sometimes I’ll say it’s traditional

8:43 digital because uh which is really a

8:46 misnomer but digital was kind of over

8:48 here and it was separate and apart from

8:50 direct mail so we really wanted to be

8:53 able to combine that and show that

8:55 attribution for direct mail so it was

8:58 kind of a no-brainer for us to do that

9:00 after taking that step of uh

9:02 specializing in a vertical this was just

9:04 that next step and um it has been

9:08 enabled us to be much more profitable so

9:11 I would say that our jobs are routinely

9:13 25% more profitable uh than our typical

9:17 print job so that’s really that’s been

9:19 huge for us and that differentiation has

9:22 also just been a game Cher uh because we

9:25 were able to do both um not just print

9:28 but all that creative before it goes to

9:30 print often times we would be

9:32 competitors of not just um other

9:35 printers but also advertising agencies

9:38 so the fact that we could start and do

9:41 that whole campaign with the creative

9:44 through to direct mail with digital

9:46 advertising agencies are not doing that

9:49 um they’re they they are very proficient

9:51 in digital only but the problem with

9:54 that is is if you only have a hammer

9:57 every problem looks like a nail

9:59 so and so by having everything together

10:03 being able to kind of bring that uh the

10:05 best of everything together it’s really

10:07 enabled us to be much more um

10:09 differentiated and profitable awesome

10:13 Alex did you have anything to add to

10:15 that I mean is your story similar

10:21 or did we lose

10:23 Alex wait you might be

10:27 muted can you hear me now

10:29 yes yeah all right it didn’t show I was

10:32 being muted but no um just to add to

10:35 what Brandy was saying and everything

10:37 you know it’s funny I think I got to

10:39 meet and uh be friends with Deborah down

10:42 at DM 2.0’s first conference and we saw

10:44 each other in the elevator and started

10:46 talking and you know we were just like

10:47 holy oh excuse me um no this is an

10:50 amazing well this is an amazing thing to

10:52 marry together and something that always

10:53 bothered me as being a printer is uh

10:56 when I talk to people about their

10:57 marketing they would say well it’s you

10:59 know it’s got to all be digital or you

11:01 know it’s it it was so such a print

11:05 versus digital and I was like it can’t

11:07 be that way you know they complement

11:08 each other so well so when I came across

11:10 DM 2.0 knowing that I could connect

11:13 those worlds and make uh make it more

11:15 effective and ultim return a higher Roi

11:17 for my customers it just made sense and

11:20 for what it’s done for us as a company

11:22 is I’m not really looked at as that

11:26 print salesman anymore like I’m just not

11:28 I’m not a commoditized guy that’s coming

11:30 in there when I actually start talking

11:32 about hey well I can track your mail I

11:35 can add you know call tracking to it we

11:37 can collect leads and we can show you

11:38 all this data on a dashboard they

11:40 actually start to lean in and they go

11:42 well tell me more about that and uh it’s

11:45 uh it’s done great things for uh for us

11:49 landing new appointments and uh you know

11:52 I’ve got case studies we can talk about

11:54 I don’t want to take up too much time

11:55 but um we had a nonprofit one that uh

11:59 we’ll just say that the uh the four drop

12:02 campaign paid for the printing and

12:04 Direct Mail 38 times over um with your

12:08 offering so Morgan you guys got got that

12:10 case study but uh the museum right yeah

12:14 the the Holocaust Museum yeah yeah it

12:18 was h two drops of building awareness

12:20 and then two drops of asking um to the

12:22 leads we generated and the goal was to

12:24 raise you know $2 million and we uh we

12:29 capped out I think close to four million

12:31 on $80,000 in print and postage so uh

12:35 yeah they uh they’re they’re still doing

12:36 campaigns and uh it’s the new that’s the

12:38 what they keep doing and it’s been great

12:41 in home services and if my ADD is taken

12:43 over and I’m taking us down me to shut

12:46 up thanks Alex no I mean it’s it’s just

12:51 wonderful that this has had the opp the

12:53 ability and opportunity to to drive such

12:55 good results for you be a differentiator

12:58 unique selling proposition but more

13:00 importantly um it’s added a lot of value

13:02 for your clients right and I think

13:04 that’s most important and it really

13:06 creates that stickiness with mail right

13:08 and when you’re driving those kind of

13:10 results for a client they’re going to be

13:12 a lot less likely to say I don’t know if

13:16 I I want to look at at at using Direct

13:18 Mail anymore or maybe I want to shift my

13:20 budget into digital right because

13:21 they’re getting so much paying for their

13:23 buck with the direct mail they’re seeing

13:25 that tracking they’re seeing that

13:26 reporting and there’s that stickiness

13:28 there right so absolutely Absolut good

13:31 stuff um Deborah what are your thoughts

13:34 on digital males and offering in your

13:36 opinion is there a need for this and why

13:40 I couple years ago I uh would do a

13:43 presentation and one of the sections

13:45 would be uh talking about holes in the

13:48 wine list you know everybody thinks that

13:50 they they have a restaurant and they

13:52 have this wine list that pairs with all

13:54 the food and then all of a sudden a very

13:57 crafty wine distributor comes along and

14:00 says yes you have a lovely wine list

14:03 that pairs with all your food but do you

14:05 know that you’re missing one wine here

14:08 and one wine there now if somebody’s

14:11 bringing that additional value to the

14:14 table and can help you see things that

14:17 you don’t see can help you serve your

14:20 customers in a way that you’re not

14:22 currently doing and can also do give you

14:26 all the other wines you already have why

14:30 would you not want to work with those

14:33 with that company and that is how I

14:35 think about Direct Mail 2.0 it is the

14:40 whole in the wine list that I guarantee

14:43 most of your competition out there is

14:46 not tapping into and there are reasons

14:51 for that but mostly I feel it’s

14:54 because it it is technology becomes this

14:58 over

14:59 overwhelming thing you know it’s not

15:01 what we’re good at it’s not what we do

15:04 but if you’ve ever had the honor and

15:06 privilege of attending a direct mail 2.0

15:09 conference they help you they will

15:12 freaking sell it for you they will help

15:14 you do everything I mean I remember the

15:17 first couple of conferences I went to

15:19 you were just trying to tell people what

15:21 the product was and I was sitting next

15:23 to people writing checks and I was like

15:25 what is going on at this conference what

15:29 and when I finally when they embraced

15:32 that you were really there to support

15:34 them so that’s what I would say this

15:37 should be a no-brainer for everybody to

15:40 at least look into if you cannot adopt

15:43 it for some

15:45 reason fine but at least you know it’s

15:48 there and at least it’s something you

15:49 can strive to but if it is for you or

15:53 you can make it work for you which you

15:55 should be able to do um it is super

15:58 important Direct Mail 2.0 can help you

16:01 if I can just say one other thing that I

16:03 learned at your conference that that I I

16:05 repeat these things because I think that

16:08 they are so

16:09 important I recall a case study for a um

16:15 for a a a what’s it I’m sorry a

16:18 university oh and the university sent

16:21 out um postcards and uh was getting

16:25 people and it was easy enough to track

16:28 who was on the website doesn’t mean you

16:30 have to contact them but you can still

16:32 understand that they were there yeah and

16:34 they were able through you have a lot of

16:36 tools uh that help people match

16:39 addresses and social media and all this

16:42 other stuff but the most interesting

16:43 thing to me was that the colleges were

16:46 able to see the IP addresses that were

16:50 consistently clicking on financial aid

16:53 information and that enabled the printer

16:56 to go back to the school and say we have

17:00 a list of people who are probably

17:02 further down the sales cycle so to speak

17:08 let’s specifically start sending them

17:11 financial aid information and that

17:14 actually helps customers print smarter

17:17 which means that they can add a little

17:19 more money to the direct mail to track

17:22 it and they don’t have to uselessly

17:25 spray and pay prey in the printer verse

17:28 sorry I told you I could go on and on

17:30 about no I mean it’s a good point

17:33 because personalization in mail is so

17:35 integral and in today’s current time and

17:36 space customers are wanting more

17:39 targeted mailing lists and and that’s a

17:41 great way to do that is to tap into

17:43 technology that can provide you

17:45 ammunition and that information where

17:47 you can cohesively put that type of a

17:49 campaign together and they they actually

17:51 got a 25% response rate on that mail

17:54 campaign and you know it makes sense

17:56 right because it’s the right people at

17:58 the right place at the right time with

17:59 the right offer you know it’s checking

18:01 off all the boxes of an effective

18:03 marketing strategy so um you know it’s

18:06 just proofing the pudding of what

18:07 technology can do to help make mail more

18:09 effective so yep but um I I think that

18:14 we’re already out of time here so no no

18:17 go ahead we started we started a little

18:18 late um definitely get to your other

18:21 questions of time so you know I I just

18:24 wanted to kind of throw in this one more

18:26 question because I think it’s so

18:27 integral right and and I think a a big

18:30 challenge in the print industry uh is

18:33 the attraction of workers right we we

18:36 need to make print look more sexy and

18:38 more attractive and attract this younger

18:40 demographic especially from a sales

18:43 perspective right we’ve got account

18:45 managers that are aging out or they’re

18:46 just managing their accounts and we need

18:48 to get some thirsty Hunter salespeople

18:51 into this industry that want to go out

18:53 and and tell people how amazing Direct

18:56 Mail is and how amazing print is and and

18:58 go out there and sell it so I mean

19:00 Deborah do you think a technology like

19:02 this can help attract a younger

19:03 Salesforce to the print

19:05 industry I mean anything having to do

19:08 with technology should be an an

19:10 attractive thing to a a gen Zer in in

19:14 some fashion um and then to um as long

19:18 as they understand that um how important

19:22 this their role is in in the company to

19:26 help this technology move forward to

19:28 they might understand it faster than

19:30 than somebody else that’s already in the

19:33 print shop but to to

19:35 actually just let them have at it and

19:38 give you feedback on what they think

19:41 about it and the messaging they would uh

19:44 share about it instead of like trying to

19:46 for Speed technology no this is what we

19:49 use it for and this is how we sell it

19:51 just say have at it you look at it how

19:55 would you sell it to to somebody your

19:57 your age How would how would you use it

20:00 don’t listen to about how I use it how

20:02 would you use it and I think that there

20:04 is a real opportunity to make them

20:08 thought leaders in in the printing

20:10 companies instead of entry-level

20:12 employees who just get things dumped on

20:14 them so that’s I think it is a gateway

20:17 to to uh uh more communication uh

20:21 employees for sure communication

20:23 channels sure yeah I mean and uh Brandy

20:27 do you feel like is this technology has

20:29 giv you an edge you know from a sales

20:32 perspective not just for you know

20:34 acquiring new revenue streams from your

20:35 existing customers but having that

20:37 opportunity to go out and present

20:39 something different and acquire new mail

20:42 business well I think Alex really said

20:44 it well when he said he’s giving a

20:46 presentation and people are leaning in

20:50 um it’s just completely night and day

20:53 day with this technology because

20:55 previous to that it was um just Direct

20:59 Mail we were doing digital but digital

21:01 was kind of Standalone but in to enable

21:05 to have everything works seamlessly

21:07 together and what we’re hearing or what

21:09 I’m hearing more and more when I’m

21:11 talking to new clients is that they are

21:13 doing more with less people everybody’s

21:16 busy they’ve got you know there’s lots

21:18 of turnover and so the people that are

21:20 there are often tasked with doing a much

21:23 larger uh lift in the marketing

21:26 campaigns they’re doing so the fact that

21:29 they’re able to see everything for a

21:32 campaign in One dashboard it’s just huge

21:35 I mean that’s really where people their

21:37 ears are perking up and you know I I

21:40 like to say previously how we did it is

21:41 we might drop a direct mail campaign uh

21:44 over here we might also send an email

21:47 separately um we’d be doing a digital

21:49 campaign separately and so then we’d

21:51 kind of have to report that back

21:53 differently we’d have a separate uh

21:56 technology for doing the call track

21:58 tracking we’d have separate reporting

22:00 for the

22:01 retargeting um and so to have everything

22:04 in one spot it’s just been amazing our

22:09 clients are just yeah we streamlined

22:12 yeah streamlined is just and save people

22:15 and not only I mean you’ve heard Alex

22:17 and you know Deborah talk about you know

22:18 case studies and and how much more

22:20 profitable it is but it it Bears

22:24 repeating or bears mentioning that the

22:26 time savings are something that people

22:29 often aren’t aware of but when you’re

22:31 presenting that and you talk about you

22:33 know how long does it take you to take

22:36 the results from all of these different

22:38 pieces of Technologies on your marketing

22:40 campaign and aggregate it together so

22:44 now not only is all that technology

22:46 aggregated in one place but you can

22:49 quickly compare previous campaigns it’s

22:52 just it’s amazing

22:55 convert thanks so much Brandy Alex

22:57 anything to add to that a few things and

23:00 I’ll do it as quickly as I can based on

23:02 time but Morgan to to reference your

23:04 last question as far as drawing younger

23:06 talent in the industry um two our last

23:09 two sales rep ties now one of them was a

23:12 was a senior salesperson who been doing

23:14 it for a while but she heard about our

23:17 Omni Channel offering and that was very

23:19 appealing to her because she wanted to

23:20 come on board because she had heard

23:23 about it and just like uh Brandy was

23:25 saying it was all so siloed and clunky

23:27 wherever else she heard it and she’s

23:29 like wait this is One dashboard and it

23:31 it’s all-encompassing within one

23:32 campaign I was like yeah this is exactly

23:34 how it works yeah and she’s doing great

23:36 with it uh you know Andrea and um and uh

23:40 Patrick was a young young sales guy who

23:43 came into our company and he wanted to

23:44 leave the industry but when he came

23:46 across us and everything we were doing

23:48 he was just like no I really think I can

23:49 sell this now he’s ramping up and

23:51 everything but two additional sales reps

23:55 that we you know without DM 2.0 that was

23:58 a big draw for them so that’s the first

24:00 thing we’ve had customers leave to go

24:03 get a cheaper printer um based on you

24:06 know they could save a few bucks on

24:08 their direct mail campaign and they came

24:10 back because they’re like well they just

24:11 can’t provide the data you guys provided

24:13 on the campaign the last the the the

24:16 last two things the third thing I’m

24:17 about to say that I really shouldn’t

24:19 admit but you’re gonna Morgan and I

24:22 haven’t I haven’t told you yet but um we

24:25 had a uh we had a call tracking issue

24:27 where a customer had decided to stop uh

24:31 DM 2.0’s campaign and I told him you

24:35 need to update the call tracking number

24:36 because the call tracking number is not

24:38 going to work and they sent new files

24:40 they never updated it they didn’t catch

24:42 it so the old call tracking number for

24:45 DM 2.0 ended up printing on there and

24:47 guess what they called me in a month and

24:49 say our phone calls have dropped off

24:50 what is going on and I said hey I told

24:53 you your call tracking number is going

24:55 to be deactivated and you guys never

24:56 updated the number so while I feel

24:59 terrible that that happened it proves

25:01 that much more that the only place that

25:03 call tracking number was on was their

25:05 direct mail piece yeah they were they

25:08 they estimated they missed out on like

25:10 80 phone calls in a month W so there’s a

25:13 lot of opportunity there and so again

25:16 like everyone every one of us who’s been

25:18 in printing you know all the printers

25:19 listening you all know that that’s

25:21 happened to you before too so don’t act

25:22 like it hasn’t

25:24 um yeah but then finally the lead match

25:28 pixel code it’s a catchall for

25:31 everything you’re doing so it’s not just

25:33 for the direct mail if they could be

25:35 running email campaigns they could be

25:36 running other Google ads they could be

25:38 running so many other campaigns that has

25:40 nothing to do with the printer yet we

25:42 are the ones providing them with all the

25:44 the the physical mailing addresses of

25:46 all their other marketing efforts for

25:49 pennies on what a usual lead would cost

25:51 what’s the average cost of the lead I

25:52 think in I don’t know in most Industries

25:54 B2B I thought it was I heard it was $180

25:57 they can get approximately on average

26:00 that’s the average cost of a lead yeah

26:02 oh yeah here’s here’s your lead for 30

26:04 cents thanks I mean like it’s just it’s

26:08 and and Deborah I don’t know if you

26:10 remember this line um but uh God I can’t

26:12 remember her name but I learned so much

26:14 from her at Market Edge she had said her

26:16 line that I’ve been using nonstop since

26:18 then was so you’re gonna pay 38 cents

26:22 for postage and you’re not going to pay

26:24 for what less cost than Postage and

26:26 you’re not and you’re going to get 14 or

26:28 15 more touches help me understand why

26:31 why you’d pay for postage and not get

26:32 any information but for just less than

26:35 that you could get this many more

26:36 touches and gather This Much Information

26:38 help me understand why you wouldn’t want

26:40 to do that and when they sit around and

26:42 think about it they go yeah yeah all

26:44 right let me let me let me go back to my

26:45 team and and figure out how to make this

26:47 work so and the I’ll finish with your

26:51 guys just helping us sell it and the

26:54 co-sales and everything else has just

26:56 been so huge and you know a big part of

27:00 our success so couldn’t be uh couldn’t

27:03 be better Partners in that way thank you

27:06 Alex I appreciate that thank you you’re

27:10 are welcome I’d love to say one more

27:12 thing if if I can then we we wrap it up

27:14 Morgan um you mentioned this it in the

27:17 beginning but just in case it didn’t go

27:19 through people’s ears into their brain

27:22 you can white label Direct Mail 2.0 to a

27:28 unique service that nobody else has like

27:30 Direct Mail accelerator response Ranger

27:34 I don’t care what you call it but people

27:36 can’t price it out if they don’t know

27:38 what’s behind it and Direct Mail 2.0 is

27:41 not trying to own that space they just

27:43 want to help you do better so I will TR

27:47 kick it back to you to wrap up and then

27:50 you have a breakout room and then we

27:52 we’re going to start the next session

27:54 after some a commercial break go ahead

27:56 Morgan round it up thank you thank you

27:58 so much and and thank you Alex and

28:00 Brandy I mean you guys have been amazing

28:02 Partners to dark mail 2.0 and they’re

28:05 just wonderful people to work with in

28:06 general I mean if you’re looking for

28:07 direct mail or marketing Services I I

28:09 would highly recommend either one of

28:11 them Deborah thank you so much for your

28:13 contribution to our panel um so anybody

28:16 that would like to learn a little bit

28:17 more about Omni Channel marketing or our

28:19 Direct Mail 2.0 platform uh I’m going to

28:21 hop over into our breakout room and do a

28:24 quick demo and so I really appreciate

28:26 the inclusion today and and thanks

28:28 everybody have a great evening thanks

28:30 everybody we will be right back after a

28:32 short commercial break with Trish rowski

28:36 Daniel dejon and Vicky stroll try to

28:39 keep calm everybody we’ll be right

28:42 back

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