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David Murphy Has a History of Generating Demand

Posted Feb 15, 2024 | Views 154
# Digital Marketing
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# Marketing

During David Murphy's successful and layered print-industry career, he's made one thing happen time and time again — helping businesses acquire new customers.

During 10 years spent as an HP marketing leader, David helped to manage the growing HP PageWide division's global marketing and business development team, supporting direct and channel-partner sales in the Americas, Europe and Asia. He led a team that enabled printers to accelerate growth and transform their operations through digital print .

Today, as the owner of Nvent Marketing in Phoenix, AZ, USA, he's still helping organizations earn attention and business through search-engine optimization, content marketing, social media management, advertising, direct marketing and other strategies. He launched the full-service digital marketing agency during the COVID pandemic, partly because it presented a great opportunity for David to tackle what he loves — solving challenges in fresh, strategic ways.

In this episode of "Unvarnished," David talks about what it takes to build a lasting marketing strategy, the relationship between marketing and sales, and more.

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