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December 5, 2023

RIT Student Rishabh Mittal Is Excited About Print Career

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Bullish on print's future, this RIT master's student is ready to help his family's India print business grow.

A few months ago, Rishabh Mittal's parents installed their first HP Indigo 6K Digital Press at Wonderpac in New Delhi, India. The company manufactures a variety of labels and holograms, and exports to brands around the globe. They aim to use technology to innovate and grow.

That's why Rishabh is a master's student studying print and graphic media science at renowned school Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in the USA, and also why he attended the Edge St. Louis World Expo in May 2023. The event was "the perfect opportunity to witness and experience the magic of HP Indigo in action and learn from industry experts," says Rishabh, who serves as Wonderpac's Digital Marketing Manager.

Rishabh is active on the new Dscoop.com community platform, and he's bullish about the future of digital print. We caught up with this next-generation leader before his semester finals at RIT to learn more about his goals, his experience at RIT and his early perception of the print industry:

DSCOOP: Thanks for spending time with us! Can you share a bit about your background, along with why you chose to attend RIT?

RISHABH MITTAL: I hail from Delhi, India, where my parents run a small printing business called Wonderpac. Early on, I discovered a fascination for the technicalities of printing. The prospect of both understanding the intricacies, and also making it a profitable venture, became my driving force. Opting for RIT was a natural choice, given its outstanding alumni reviews and exceptional professors. It's the perfect environment to delve into my passion for printing and pave the way for a successful career.


DSCOOP: What are you aiming to do upon graduation — can you share a goal or two?

RISHABH MITTAL: My goal is to enhance the efficiency of various processes in my business through continuous improvement, while simultaneously expanding the current product portfolio. The objective is to maximize overall revenue and create value for both customers and employees.

DSCOOP: You sound like a seasoned print maverick already? You're studying print and graphic media science right now at RIT. How would you describe the experience so far?

RISHABH MITTAL: As an RIT student today, the experience is both dynamic and enriching. The campus buzzes with innovation, reflecting RIT's commitment to cutting-edge technology and diverse fields of study. Collaborative projects, hands-on learning and a vibrant community foster a culture of creativity and problem-solving. The strong emphasis on experiential learning and co-op opportunities provides a bridge between academia and industry, allowing us apply our knowledge in real-world scenarios.

DSCOOP: Can you describe a moment when you felt energized to be part of that?

RISHABH MITTAL: I cherish the RIT vibe for its diverse events, including celebrations like Diwali, which adds a homely touch. Connecting with international students during those events allows for a rich cultural exchange.

DSCOOP: Thank you for sharing your story with us, Rishabh, and we're so glad you're engaging with the new Dscoop.com community platform!

RISHABH MITTAL: Thank you as well!

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