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January 23, 2024

Rapidity Communications, Happy to Depend on Ultimate Impostrip® Scalable

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Testimonial from Neil Banarsee, IT Manager at Rapidity Communications Ltd

Testimonial from Neil Banarsee, IT Manager at Rapidity Communications Ltd:

“We have been using Ultimate Impostrip® for a few years now and are happy with it. It does what we need without any issues – I wish all of the software we use were like that.”

Testimonial from Dan Alderman, Workflow Manager at Rapidity Communications Ltd:

“After we first configured Ultimate Impostrip®, it’s just been chugging along quite happily. We’ve not really had to tinker with it much since them. It’s been working well! We’re going to be shaking up our prepress automation quite substantially in the future. I feel Ultimate Impostrip® is going to play a pivotal role in this.”

Neil and Dan are referring to the new version of Ultimate Impostrip® Scalable. They have been happily using Ultimate’s imposition software everyday since 2016. 99.99% of their usage of Ultimate Impostrip® is driven by Enfocus Switch using the Impostrip Redirection Integration app on the Enfocus Appstore. Rapidity Communications offers direct marketing printing, display printing, creative printing, specialist finishes, mailing services, secure printing, design services and litho printing. They recently won the award for Marketing Collateral at the 2021 Digital Printer Awards. At Ultimate TechnoGraphics, we are equally happy with our customers’ success and are proud to be part of it!

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Rapidity Communications Ltd logo - Ultimate TechnoGraphics About Rapidity Communications Ltd

Located in London, England

Originating in 1986, Rapidity has been an eco-friendly printer for well over 30 years. Throughout this time we have developed and honed our craft and have become one of London’s finest print shops with a trustworthy and reliable reputation.

We currently offer a massive range of services to suit the needs of our clients. Find everything from inhouse custom and bespoke design to display printing for signage and more. We combine a series of high-quality printing and finishing services to produce a vast range of direct marketing, display and creative print solutions.

Our response times are the best in the business. Our nimble team strives to respond to your print inquiries as quickly and carefully as they can. We provide our customers with fast resolutions to all of their needs.

To learn more about Rapidity Communications Ltd, click here.

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