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August 17, 2022

My Awesome Site Visits to Geostick and Wihabo

# Virtual Site Tour

Dscoop's Eugenia Cifuentes on visiting Dscoop members in the Netherlands, Geostick and Wihabo

In June 2022, just after joining Dscoop as EMEA Community Success Manager, Eugenia Cifuentes joined Executive Director Peter van Teeseling on two site visits to Dscoop members in the Netherlands,  Geostick and Wihabo . Geostick is one of the biggest label printers in Europe and has made rapid advancements in digital printing, and Wihabo is an innovative commercial printer that focuses on helping clients achieve high communication impact. Below is Eugenia's first-person account of her visits...

Geostick and Wihabo are in two completely different fields in the printing industry, but they are equally remarkable in their emphasis on customers and loyalty to their craft.

Geostick's Innovation and Leadership

To start with, I was lucky enough to have a personal view of Geostick, as CEO Cees Schouten showed me to the analogue center for bulk production of labels. Here, I was amazed by how meticulously the team followed every procedure they had made. For example, they showed me how they had created a process to remove wasted area between the sticker labels they produce and deliver in rolls, using tubes to transfer the waste to a recycle zone. This was astounding to me since they could deliver the whole sticker within the roll and yet save so much work for themselves! It seemed like a perfect example of a Dscoop member that enjoys the process of achieving high quality, takes care of every detail and wants to be on top of the industry.



The second part of my visit was to Geostick was in the Digital Printing Center just across the street, where the company has a fleet of 10 HP Indigo digital presses, including the 20K and several 6Ks. The technology gives them the ability to produce unique labels, seemingly effortlessly. It was impressive to see their development in their field!

Cees was slightly worried about not having enough supplies because of external factors, which he was very informed about, but the warehouse seemed full. He is staying ahead of potential supply-chain issues while leading Geostick into the future. In the digital area, they already have some forklift robotics working. Cees' son, Tommy Schouten, has absorbed all of that fascination, and is working hard to bring additional solutions at a time when it's difficult to find and keep talented operators. One of those advancements has been implementing a new hybrid workflow.

During my visit, I learned that the Geostick family is inspirational about their jobs. They are a great model for leading with vibrancy, hard work and relentless curiosity!

Wihabo's Detail and Achievements

The next day, I visited Wihabo. I was ready for it, but wondered if I'd be impressed since the powerful Geostick visit was still fresh in my mind. Immediately, I was equally impressed! Wihabo is capitalizing on the demand for short run, personalized pieces, and they want to make "special" printing feel normal to customers. The company had the first commercial installation of the HP Indigo 100K Digital Press.

When Joris Bosch joined us in a meeting room and explained some of the company's capabilities. I began to notice interesting details. For example, the table in the room has printed vinyl, extensively detailed to appear as if made out of wood. I was tempted to rub off what looked like coffee stains on the table, until Joris chuckled and said it was part of the impression.

Joris also showed us unseen advent calendars (in all sorts of colors, patterns and shapes), cards with all kinds of set-offs in different colors (gold, silver, copper) and forms, and even the sportscar pictured below.


Joris seemed to have no restrictions, and loves helping clients achieve their goals. I was so impressed with his boundless imagination! He showed us around the building, which had all sorts of machines, many of which were specific to different client needs. To me, it seemed as if Wihabo is a company that doesn't say "no" and somehow finds a way to keep impressing customers.

To finish, Joris showed us a separate space dedicated to the wrapping of Tony´s chocolate (the best chocolate I have ever tried). Wihabo had a very thought-out procedure for all of it. Joris told us about wrapping stations the company is installing in other parts of the world because of his connections with fellow Dscoop members. (That's so great to hear!) These new stations will remove the hassle of going through international customs.

Thank you very much, Joris and Cees, for showing me around your factories and for your relentless dedication to detail. You reminded me that with hard work and curiosity, there are no limits!

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