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March 18, 2024

Measuring Print Marketing Success - Reports for Offset

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How to gain response information for Offset printed Campaigns!

Thomas Schnettler
Thomas Schnettler

A printed piece in the mail box is a pleasant surprise and highly effective: we can hold it, bring it inside and enjoy a break from the screen. But how can we measure this success, and what about non-personalized, offset print products?

Products like direct mail produced in digital print call for personalized coupon or discount codes. These will encourage more customers to visit your company or online store, and can be traced back to the exact person.


Other popular tools are PURL, temporary website addresses, and personalized QR codes. Both can lead to various digital content: contact information, event announcements, short videos, or driving directions. You will receive further customer data to refine future marketing activities.

But how about printed material produced in offset? A simple option to see results are coupons to be presented at the counter. You can also encourage the recipients to engage on social media using specific hashtags, or ask them how they discovered your offer, online or in person.

 A new way to find out how your non-personalized marketing piece was received is the locrFINDER, a cross media location finder. It can be added with a single QR code, identical for every customer. The current location of the customer’s device gets assigned to your nearest company locations, resulting in the quickest route displayed on a digital map. This provides personalized, relevant information for every single user, without adding any personalized response element. No digital print required! That means the opening rates won’t be tracked to an individual, but a location, allowing insights into where and when the QR code was scanned. This can reveal where your target audience is most active or identify the most promising neighborhoods for future targeting, depending on your campaign.  

See our website for ideas on how to include the locrFINDER in an EDDM campaign!

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