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December 13, 2023

How OnPrintShop is Making Customization Easy with W2P Solution

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Easy Customization, Powerful Impact with OnPrintShop's W2P Solution

Naimish Patel
Naimish Patel

In the ever-evolving landscape of print businesses, staying ahead requires embracing cutting-edge solutions that not only meet customer expectations but also streamline print operations. One such solution that stands out is OnPrintShop's Web-to-Print solution, a game-changer in the world of design customization and print order management.  

With a user-friendly interface and a robust set of tools, OnPrintShop empowers print businesses to offer their customers highly personalized print products effortlessly. Not only that, OnPrintShop’s W2P solution has other exclusive customizable capabilities for enhancing the overall customer experience. 

Let's explore the various customizable features that make print business management a breeze with OnPrintShop. Before we dive into these features, it's important to note that our solution is designed to meet the needs of the entire web-to-print industry, ensuring simplicity and accessibility for everyone. 

OnPrintShop’s Web-to-Print Solution Capabilities  

 Product Customization  

OnPrintshop’s web-to-print software enables your customers to seamlessly customize their products using easy-to-use tools. Customers get the option to create their designs by incorporating text, images, clipart, etc. They can also select the layout, images for the background, and Color/Pattern for the background. Each of these media types will be distinguished by Categories for quick search. Example: Clipart will be categorized based on shapes, signs, floral, animals, birds, general, etc.  

Customization of QR codes based on Phone Number, Email, SMS, Text, URL, Geo, Wi-Fi, Contact, and Calendar is also possible. Media can either be uploaded from your computer gallery, added using the drag-drop feature, or selected from the library of images available in the storefront's designer studio. 

You can also speed up the media searching process using the search and filter options available in the design studio. Uploading images is possible only in the format of JPEG, JPG, PNG, PDF, and SVG files. You can customize the size of the designed product by selecting the Width and Height based on MM, Inch, Ft, or Meter.  

You can also estimate the price based on standard or custom pricing as well as quantity. The estimated price will be reflected on the screen. You can share this estimated price to the email address you want from the email ID option given. It is also possible to download this estimation in a pdf format. Before proceeding with the file, customers can view and download the preview of the design of the file in a PDF format.

The Designer Studio also allows one to view a 3D preview of the created design to get an enhanced visualization of the product. This capability helps in better decision-making to proceed with the product purchase since the design preview shows a clear 3D representation of the actual product.  

Ship to Multiple Addresses 

To improve the customer experience, OnPrintShop offers the capability of shipping to multiple addresses via the B2B and B2C Storefront. If a commercial printer has customers ordering in bulk quantity but they want the shipping to be done to multiple addresses. These customers could be either B2C, resellers, private stores, or a large corporate client, and a private portal is offered to them. OnPrintShop offers a multiple shipment facility that allows the order to be split into multiple shipments. 

Let’s suppose, there is an order of 5000 Letterheads, this order can be split into multiple shipments. In each shipment, a different address can be chosen. Depending on the shipment, if we have configured shipping rates, it will apply to multiple shipments. This could be the handling cost or the actual shipping cost.  

Customers also get the option to select the ‘Blind Shipping’ Option for their orders. A Blind Shipment occurs when the recipients of a shipment are kept unaware of the identity of the shipper. In simpler terms, they remain "in the blind." This shipping method is beneficial for sales agents and distributors who prefer their products to be delivered directly to designated stores without disclosing their identity.  

The shipping types include Ground Shipping and Expedite Shipping. Ground Shipping takes up to 4-5 days, whereas Expedite Shipping delivers within 1-2 days for the product to be delivered. The pricing for this shipment will vary for multiple shipments based on the shipping type and location selected. 

Flexible & Centralized Order Management 

With OnPrintShop’s centralized order management solution, print shop owners can manage online, offline, and even external Channel orders. Whether the print orders are received via email, phone, or walk-in, they can be seamlessly processed with OnPrintShop. Even if a client asks for a quote, they do not just email back, they will enter the quote using Quote Management.

Then the system sends an email by which the quote can be tracked, whether the customer has approved it or not. Then the customer will also get an email, check the quote received, and approve it. This step then further gets converted into an order automatically. 

Using the traditional email method involves frequent follow-ups about the quote and less clarity on when a response will be received. But with OnPrintShop’s Order Management, all the Quotes will be streamlined in a centralized platform allowing print owners to manage Quotes seamlessly. B2B Clients who have their Shopify, e-commerce, or any backend systems, do not visit the web-to-print storefront to place orders. 

To solve this issue, OnPrintShop offers a solution that allows print companies to manage such external orders effortlessly. For example: If a corporate client says that they will not be ordering directly from the website and can only send the order requirements in a certain format.

So, in such a case, OnPrintShop allows to add the order externally. As previously discussed, OnPrintShop also allows accepting and adding orders that are received via email, walk-ins, and calls. Similarly, if a print owner has multiple branches of a print shop, it is also possible to manage multiple branches and add orders into the system with OnPrintShop’s centralized order management. 


Partial Payment and Terms 

A Print Owner must have several customers, including B2C, corporate clients, resellers, etc. Suppose a print owner has a small B2C customer, and they do not have a private site. They are a premium customer, and the print owner wishes to offer them a special term.

So, in this case, a partial payment method can be used. Based on the configured terms, automatic emails will be sent to the customers reminding them about the payment. If a particular Term has 20% on Day 1, 30% on Day 10, and 50% on Day 20, customers must pay on these days. The same could be done for different clients such as a corporate or reseller.  

OnPrintShop at Dscoop Edge Indianapolis  

Join us at the upcoming Dscoop event, Edge Indianapolis, United States, on March 24,2024 where team OnPrintShop will be live, showcasing its innovative web-to-print solution.

As a dynamic participant in the print industry, we look forward to engaging with the vibrant community of HP Industrial Print and Large Format customers and partners. Don't miss the chance to explore how OnPrintShop's cutting-edge solutions can transform and elevate your print business. Visit our booth at Dscoop and step into the future of print business management with OnPrintShop.

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