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November 30, 2023

Gillian McGregor Loves Helping Brands

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This young Dscooper is using her fashion sense and communication skills to elevate B2 Signs and Events' marketing efforts, including the company's eye-opening Instagram page.

One of the youngest Dscoopers on the new Dscoop.com platform is also one of the most creative and driven. Meet Gillian McGregor, Social Media Coordinator of B2 Signs and Events in Toronto, Canada, and a third-year student in The Creative School at Toronto Metropolitan University. Gillian has a passion for fashion and writing, and she's both skills to help B2 Signs and Events amplify its brand online.

A few weeks ago on Dscoop.com, Gillian attended fellow Dscooper Scotty Graham's live educational session about building a social media blueprint. Here's what she learned from her colleague, and how she approaches her role at B2 Signs and Events:

DSCOOP: Thanks for chatting with us, Gillian! It's always awesome to talk to our industry's young talent. Can you share how you've approached your role as social media coordinator from a tactics/strategy standpoint?

GILLIAN MCGREGOR: It’s such a niche but influential industry that our social media has to capture and respond to this level of digital stimulation. I have found that quality over quantity has been a focal strategy for us. I’ve heard in a lot of social media courses to “just post,” but when I put in the work and research behind a post and really home in on the specifics, the post has such a wider reach and engagement rate. B2’s Instagram page really acts as our website, so I want everything we post to have that in mind. Finding a balance of trendy, fun posts, as well as important information, has been really effective.

To showcase B2 Signs and Events' stunning projects for fashion brands and other clients, Gillian often posts videos and photos of the company's successful projects on Instagram.

DSCOOP: What main things do you and your team want others to now about B2 Signs and Events?

GILLIAN MCGREGOR: B2 Signs and Events is a division of Simpson Print. Simpson Print and B2 Signs and Events is one of the largest and most integrated agencies and print manufacturing facilities in Canada. Social media is simply an extension of our hyper-client-centric mindset as an organization. 

Gillian spent time in 2023 as a Merchandise Buying and Allocation Intern at fashion brand Fabienne Chapot in Amsterdam. Her experience connecting with high-end brands has helped her create stunning visuals for B2 Signs and Events' Instagram page, including this metallic holiday display for fashion-and-fragrance firm Jean Paul Gaultier.

DSCOOP: Did you pick up any tips or tricks from Scotty Graham's educational session on social media marketing, and if so, can you share what note/s of his resonated with you?

GILLIAN MCGREGOR: Something that stood out for me that I’ve been using since the session was his tip about hashtags. Before the session, I was using a lot of buzzwords that I thought went with each post. But Scotty emphasized the importance of going into each of your hashtags seeing what kind of posts are connected to it, and adjusting your own hashtags to be 100% relevant to your company. Doing this has not only increased our reach but made the reach that we’re getting more meaningful to our brand.

B2 Signs and Events is "creating retail magic one display at a time," as this Instagram post says.

DSCOOP: What do you personally enjoy most about helping the company’s marketing efforts?

GILLIAN MCGREGOR: While we have a variety of clients, B2 has an emphasis on cosmetic and fashion retail companies, so having a fashion and retail background has definitely been helpful. Fashion marketing is all about selling an experience and a desire — creating a digital space that has a purpose for your audience beyond just the aesthetic. Sure, your feed should “look pretty,” but I want to ensure that every post has a strong foundation and leads customers to remember what they see and actually engage with the company. 

This Instagram post from B2 Signs and Events highlighted how the company produced a custom fabric backdrop with a painted gold metal structure, a painted table with graphic wrap and a printed floor mat.

DSCOOP: Thanks so much for the conversation, and a giant fist-bump to your creativity and engagement in Dscoop!

GILLIAN MCGREGOR: Thank you, my pleasure!

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