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October 25, 2023

Get to Know Eul-Soo Kim

Get to Know Eul-Soo Kim
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In Korea, this Dscooper is focused on eco-friendly materials and sustainability.

Get to Know Eul-Soo Kim

K&S Retail is a Korean company primarily engaged in sign and display manufacturing and trading, particularly in the fashion and apparel industry. We recently connected with Eul-Soo Kim, a manager at the company who oversees the development and sales of Indigo and PES (Program to Eliminate Stitching) solutions, to talk about his approach to digital print and his plans for business growth.

K&S Retail decided to incorporate digital printing techniques upon recognizing the limitations of traditional large-format printing methods. To achieve this goal, they developed Indigo and PES solutions that eliminate size restrictions in printing and provide more versatile production capabilities. These solutions have played a significant role in expanding their business.

Mr. Kim and his team have collaborated closely with HP to optimize these solutions for maximum efficiency. Additionally, they have shown a strong commitment to eco-friendly materials and sustainability by actively exploring options such as LIMEX — a sustainable material made from limestone — for their products. 

The vision of K&S Retail revolves around two key aspects: expanding business using the PES solution as a foundation, and becoming a leading player in international markets by addressing size limitations through innovative technologies. 

Mr. Kim says collaboration with HP and other partners have helped the company's development. He also mentioned that K&S Retail is actively exploring opportunities beyond its traditional market by entering into partnerships within different industries.

Two unique features of K&S Retail's PES solution are the ability to print on various sizes and materials, and the use of eco-friendly materials to enhance product appeal. PES has overcome the 1.1m mark, which previously was the maximum length printable. Using the HP Indigo 25K Digital Press, Mr. Kim and his team can print up to 12m continuously while also achieving high productivity, color capabilities and media versatility.

Mr. Kim aims to stay informed about industry trends through platforms like Dscoop's weekly newsletter, The Scoop. He feels that more international case studies would be particularly valuable for gaining insights into best practices from other regions.

This Dscooper appreciates the ability to partner and network with colleagues around the world, and says he's excited for future local events in and around Korea.

For additional information about his company, or to get in touch with Eulsoo, visit his profile here.

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Eul-Soo Kimを知る
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Eul-Soo Kimを知る
Nov 24th, 2023 Views 154