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February 1, 2024

Are you a Dog Person or Cat Person?

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Successful, award-winning direct mail campaign of Josera Petfood.

Thomas Schnettler
Thomas Schnettler

This might be one of the most fundamental questions on the internet. We say let people choose and act accordingly!

While the industry is facing new challenges every year, print products and direct mail are still thriving. With good reason: physical mail is tangible, cuts through the digital clutter and won’t disappear in a spam folder. When direct mail is personalized, it is proven to create even more interaction and significantly cost-effective campaigns.

We at locr provide personalized maps and location-based services to make the most out of geodata. A simple address list can unfold surprising potential – from finding the most relevant target groups to various map styles to meet your corporate design and campaign goals.

A vivid example for an innovative direct mail project is this campaign by pet food manufacturer Josera (that also made it onto the Marketreach UK website and was awarded the Promotional Gift Award).

Prospects can leave information about their pet on the Josera website to receive free product samples. These come in a matching cat or dog themed cardboard box with a discount voucher and additional information. The voucher leaflet has a personalized map on them: this map shows the location of the individual recipient and the closest Josera retailer. The route between these locations is highlighted and shows the best way to actually visit the store and use the voucher - with success! 

These personalized maps made a remarkable difference and led to significantly higher response rates. The campaign has been running for many years now and still successful.

Find the detailed results and learn more about the campaign design in our free Case Study “Josera Pet Food”.

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