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XMPie: Integrating Print & Digital Media

Posted Jul 10, 2024 | Views 13
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Dscoop Partner is reshaping the future of personalization.

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More brands now realize they can stand out by supercharging their documents with relevant messages, images and graphics, and Dscoopers around the world are empowering them with data-driven print.

A Dscoop Partner at the center of that movement is XMPie. The tech company's software platform is reshaping the future of personalization, serving as a dynamic tool for delivering digital and print pieces, web-to-print and e-commerce solutions, video and media, and more.

In this video recorded at Edge Indy, XMPie's Scott Houck talks about the benefits of the company's open architecture, the value of engaging audiences with print and digital media touchpoints, XMPie's important role in the Dscoop community, and more.

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