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Vikram Fotedar Keeps Building Relationships

Posted Jul 10, 2024 | Views 48
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India-based expert loves sharing ideas and connecting with progressive Dscoopers.

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Vikram Fotedar, Managing Director of Fotedar Engineering, is like a four-way intersection, where the paths of flexible packaging, operational change, sales growth and business leadership all meet together in the same impressive brain.

The India-based entrepreneur, packaging technologist and writer is at the forefront of business innovation in India. He recently wrote this article on the Dscoop community platform to help digital printers target retailers in his home country.

Vikram always keeps an open mind when it comes to gaining new ideas and inspiration from the global print community. That's why he flew from Mumbai to Indianapolis for the Edge Indy conference. He was curious to learn more about the best practices of U.S.-based print mavericks.

In this interview with Dscoop's Rashmi Sharma, Vikram shares his enthusiasm for continually rediscovering the power of digital technology and the energy of Dscoop community members.

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