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Deborah Corn: Printers Should Improve Connections with Creatives & Brands

Posted Jul 11, 2023 | Views 192
# Sales and Marketing
# Unvarnished

Through PrintMediaCentr.com, her social channels and Printerverse audience, Deborah Corn engages with more than 200,000 print and marketing professionals on an ongoing basis. She's smart, unconventional (that's why Dscoop's Chris Hyde chose the zebra shirt for this "Unvarnished" episode) and has the coolest job title in print — Intergalactic Ambassador to the Printerverse.

Deborah has interviewed many printers and partners for Dscoop, but in this episode of "Unvarnished," we turn the camera around and interview her. The topic is how printers can work more effectively with creatives and brands.

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