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The Link: Episode Four with Frank Arostegui

Posted Mar 08, 2024 | Views 207

The Link conversation series brings together digital print leaders to share insights on collaborating with competitors to achieve big wins for everyone involved. By including Dscoop members, the conversation provides real stories and tips straight from the pros. Whether you're a newcomer or an experienced expert in the industry, tuning in can help you learn how to grow your business through smart collaboration. The fourth guest of the series is Frank Arostegui, Executive Vice President for Sales at American Litho (USA) and Dscoop Americas Board Member. Frank Arostegui is Executive Vice President for Sales at American Litho, one of the nation's fastest growing direct and omnichannel marketing firms. Frank brings more than 25 years of collaborative sales experience to his current role, which he assumed in 2013. As the company's top sales and marketing executive, he sets the direction for ALitho's relationships with Fortune 100 clients around the globe and oversees a staff of 30. Frank began his career in the print industry in 1994, and since that time he has developed and nurtured relationships with clients on behalf of the nation's largest and most prestigious printing companies, including Banta, Moore and R.R. Donnelly. Frank and his wife recently celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary. Together, they have raised three talented and creative daughters: Samantha, 24; Sophia, 21; and Sylvia, 19. In his personal and professional life, Frank has shown the ability to work for comprehensive solutions to the problems he encounters. He seeks to set the same example for his daughters and for all those he works with at American Litho. Please join on a desktop or laptop. Mobile access is not currently supported.

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